3 Ways to Connect With the Goddess Venus

When the hyacinths throw their enchanting scent and the cherry blossoms explode from their buds and the sun grows warm upon our bodies and the days grow longer and longer still, the magickal month of April has arrived!

This is one of my favorite months of all time, Beauties–I wait all winter for the dawning of the astrological new year, the beginning of Spring, and the festivals of the glorious Empress Venus! This is the third year in a row that I’ve celebrated Venus Vibes with the Mind Witch Coven, and I’m even more excited now than I was when we first began. As a special offering for the season of rebirth and in celebration of the glorious Feminine Divine, I’m offering three ways for you to connect with your inner goddess and bathe in the sweetness of her magick–prepare to get lux, to feel good, and to embrace love and beauty Venus style!

1) Cast a Glamour Spell

Venus (or Aphrodite, as she was known to the Greeks) is a goddess whose beauty knows no equal. Astrologically speaking, she makes her brilliant appearance as the evening star in April, and there’s no better way to drink in the tonic of her comeliness than to bathe in her ethereal starlight!

Each night in April, Venus the evening star sets forty to fifty minutes after the sun. During this time, go outside or perch by a window and ask Venus to bless you and bathe you in charm, grace, and Beauty beyond compare. As you do so, imagine yourself growing as brilliant as Venus in the evening, a light that radiates through the cosmos!

2) drink water–the true nectar of the goddess

Venus was born from the sea and ferried to land on a scallop shell. The glorious liquid that was the lifeblood of Venus is our lifeblood too, so what better way to connect with the goddess than to imbibe some? You can even ask Venus to bless the water before you drink it, and in doing so add to its magick and potency. But why stop there–bless yourself with holy water that you’ve consecrated in her name. Take a ritual bath. Place some water on your altar as an offering and invite her grace into your heart!

3) Tell Someone You Love Them

It’s well known that Venus had many lovers–she wasn’t shy when it came to sharing herself. If you’ve been harboring a secret love, now is the time to make your feelings known. None of us knows how many days we have left to walk this Earth, and a day passed without saying “I love you” is a day passed without reflecting the single divine truth of the universe. Tell your dear ones that you love them, Beauty–I promise you won’t regret it.

If you’re looking for rituals, spells, and guidance for growing closer to the goddess Venus and incorporating more love and beauty into your life, join the WISE ONES Coven in celebrating Venus Vibes! As a coven member, you’ll gain access to three years-worth of Venus Vibes content, including a Venus Apple Spell, a Venus Veneralia Ritual Guide, and Venus Vibes collective reading!


xoxo Jessi, The Mind Witch Mama

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