WISE ONES Spiritual + Magickal Planner Package

In the five years I’ve been a witch and a tarot reader, I’ve been asked this question more than any other: “How do I create and sustain a resonant spiritual and magickal practice?” As a biz owner, mother, and citizen of the modern world, I know how difficult it is to consistently carve out time for ritual, magick, and self-care. I’ve seen my share of spiritual slumps and I’ve made my share of excuses. However, I deeply (and I mean deeply) believe that a daily spiritual practice is the BEST WAY to live a magickal life. With this in mind, I created the WISE ONES Spiritual + Magickal Planning Package for you!


The WISE ONES Spiritual + Magickal Planner offers SEVEN different choices of weekly planner pages. There’s an entire planner layout for both ritual AND spell craft. There are quarterly and monthly planner pages that help you consider your practice on the macro level. Most importantly, I’ve devised a system of prompts that help you figure out which magickal and spiritual practices you’d like to deepen and explore as well as which goals are most important to you in 2020. My goal is to get each and every one of you in touch with an awesome practice, and if you do the work that’s laid out in the planner (and you commit to applying what you’ve learned), you’ll have it.

sample planner page
sample planner page

sample planner page


Your planner package also comes with a collection of videos that offer guidance and support for your planning journey! Some address working with the WISE ONES planner specifically while others give advice for developing consistent spiritual practice:


Planner Q + A | Answering Your Planning Questions!


Plan With Me using the WISE ONES Planner


Tips for Developing a Daily Spiritual Practice


How to Commit to Spiritual Practice

How to Create a Magickal Planner


When you purchase the WISE ONES Spiritual + Magickal Planner Package, you gain immediate access to…

The WISE ONES Spiritual + Magickal Planner–a 100-page pdf file that includes 35 prompts that guide you to discovering your most resonant, most authentic practice

Four exclusive videos plus two additional video links to support your planning journey

Are you ready to create the practice you’ve always wanted? Let’s Do This!


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