Welcome to the Genius Garden, Beauty!

I’m Jessi, the cultivator of this space. Each month, I share magical and spiritual offerings conjured from my unique, divine creativity. I give what I’m intuitively inspired to create, but you’ll likely find a few of the following:

πŸ’š Illustrated Poetry
πŸ’š Nature Vlogs + Photo Essays
πŸ’š Tarot Spreads/Journal Prompts
πŸ’š Card Reading for the Collective
πŸ’š Guided Meditations/Visual Journeys
πŸ’š Wisdom Talks + Storytelling
πŸ’š Ebooks + Printables

Topics may include:

πŸ’š Cultivating Authentic Creativity
πŸ’š Living Mindfully + Freely
πŸ’š Love vs. Fear
πŸ’š Embracing a Magical Mindset
πŸ’š Nurturing Compassion
πŸ’š The Holy Act of Surrender
πŸ’š Tarot + Deity Archetypes
πŸ’š Candle Spells + Intention Craft
πŸ’š Trust in the Cosmos, Faith in Love, + Self-Belief
πŸ’š Analog Living
πŸ’š Astral Travel, Dream Work, + Entity Channeling
πŸ’š Whatever Else Pops Up!

This space is intended for two purposes:

πŸ’š To guide, delight, support, and inspire you as you cultivate love, authenticity, creativity, and connection in your life.
πŸ’š To challenge all of us to channel the stuff of our Genius–life’s too short to deny the divinely inspired fire that burns within you!


praise for the GENIUS GARDEN

Jessi’s offerings are incredibly beautiful, empowering, smart, fun, and generous! I have made use of almost all of the content she provides and have learned a ton about a variety of magical methodologies for understanding and shaping myself and my life.

What I most appreciate about being a member is that, over time, the various approaches to magic and life that Jessi shares + her expansive attitude of personal exploration and empowerment have helped me feel more and more clear about who I am and how important it is to honor myself by doing what’s right for me, whatever that looks like.

~Jennifer King, Ace of Tarot

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