What is a mind witch?

Mind is “the part of a person that makes it possible for them to think, to feel, and to understand things.” In other words, mind is the word we use to describe our experience of consciousness.

We often associate mind with the head and centralize its location in the brain, but really, mind is as much emotional, intuitive, and spiritual as it is logical: the love we feel for ourselves and others is an emanation of mind. The pull towards and away from certain paths and conditions is an emanation of mind. The spiritual connection we feel with the cosmos is an emanation of mind.

The etymology of the word “witch” is complex and contested—there are many proposed Germanic roots of the word, and the two that reflect my personal understanding are these: the word wicker, meaning soothsayer, and the word weik, meaning to bend.

A witch is a “truth” sayer (“sooth” being an archaic Middle English word meaning “truth” or “reality”) and one who changes the shape of things. They have access to deep wisdom and connection, and they are an active agent of this wisdom and connection in the world.

A “Mind Witch,” then, is one who achieves wisdom and connection through their mindful experience of consciousness, and who actively participates in the creation of the world around them. They bring balance and harmony to their inner and outer experience, and through doing so, bring forth wondrous and glorious things.


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