Welcome to the Brave + Curious Coven!

What is the Brave + Curious Coven?

The Brave + Curious Coven is a magickal mastermind—we gather to share thoughts, ideas, questions, practices, and experiences of witchcraft and mysticism.

The goal? To deepen our understanding of self. To expand our practice of craft. To self-actualize. To receive guidance, support, advice, and inspiration from like-minded folks who are invested in our health and success. To challenge each other to take risks—magickal and otherwise—that support our growth and desires. To accelerate our learning. To become ever more empowered. To connect with something outside of ourselves. To contribute to something inspiring and meaningful.

How Does the Brave + Curious Coven Work?

The Brave + Curious Coven is a collective of solitary witches, each of whom practice magick and spirituality uniquely. Each month, we set intentions ritually with one another, and we go forth and realize those intentions independently. During that time, we each create and share an offering with the group that reflects what we’ve discovered along the way.

We reconvene at the end of the month to discuss our findings in greater depth, to provide feedback, and to offer advice. We’re constantly learning new and better ways to practice magick and cultivate a magickal mindset from one another through our interaction and the content that we create and offer to the group. Coven members can also connect with one another whenever they’d like through our Discord server!

What Will I be Asked to Contribute as A Coven Member?

One video, audio, or text file in which you share an important idea, story, technique, finding, and/or revelation as it applies to your magickal work that month. This does NOT have to be ridiculously long or involved, nor does it have to be absurdly complex or polished. In fact, if you can keep it casual, succinct, and to-the-point, even better (A 15 minute-or-less video/audio file or a 500-word pdf should do).

A monthly intention that resonates with who you are, who you’re becoming, where you’re going, and where you want to be (intentions are shared in a ritual setting with coven members—they’re powerful and inspiring for everyone involved).

Your glorious presence in at least one of the two monthly live calls! This is where we charge our intentions, sound our voices, connect, and learn. The more beauties show up, the better we ALL are!

An adventurous, playful, hopeful, and supportive attitude. This is a space where we encourage each other to overcome our fears and pursue our unique visions of greatness. We need beauties who believe in their ability to rise and who understand that when one of us rises, we all rise.

Thriving members of the Brave + Curious coven are those who connect with their magic consistently: they might pull and reflect on a daily tarot card, set their intention with the new moon, work with scripting, go on walks with the conscious intention of connecting with the earth, craft sigils, and trip on the astral. The thing they share in common is a commitment to connecting with the wonder, magick, and possibility of this world and beyond. If you’re ready to commit to a magickal life, we’re ready to help you create it!

When I Join the Brave + Curious Coven, What Will I Receive?

An invitation to two hour-long monthly coven gatherings. In the first, we share and collectively charge our monthly intentions. We offer advice and support for realizing those intentions, both through magickal and mundane approaches. In the second, we reflect on the pursuit of those intentions—the magick we performed, the risks we took, and the outcomes.

A video, audio, or text file from each member of the coven each month, myself included. These files share important ideas, techniques, stories, and/or findings that coven members choose to share as they relate to magickal work.

Entrance into the Brave + Curious Discord group, a space where you can connect with coven members whenever you choose!

Community, acceptance, and support. This is an uplifting space, and the connections we make with each other inspire us to do the magick and make the changes we’ve always wanted to!

What role do you play, Jessi?

I am an active member of the Brave + Curious Coven, so I contribute just as you do! I am also the facilitator of this group: I’m the person to whom you send your contributions, questions, and suggestions. I collect and collate our offerings and host both of the monthly live coven gatherings. I encourage participation and I challenge us to think outside the box when necessary. Mostly, my focus is making sure that this is an empowering, dynamic, and enriching space for everyone who shares it!

B+C Coven: Guidelines, Boundaries, Practices

~ Your monthly coven offering is your work–you maintain copyright, so you can publish it and share it in any way you choose. If you do plan on publishing your offering publicly, it’s important that you don’t mention coven members by name in any of your offerings so as to protect their privacy (not everyone’s out of the broom closet)!

~ Please do not share/publish other coven member’s work outside of the coven space (again, as a means of protecting privacy). Anyone who does this will be immediately removed from the group, so be wise!

~ I am open to mediate any conversations that take place within the Discord Coven space. If you decide to interact in a private space (email, DM, phone, one-on-one Zoom chats), however, you are responsible for setting boundaries and navigating the dynamic. I don’t want to be contacted if/when someone says something that offended you, upset you, etc., especially if you haven’t attempted to work it out with them first. In other words, I ain’t your drama mama! If a coven member reaches out for guidance or advice and you’re not comfortable giving it, just tell them that you’re only interested in hanging out in “public” coven space (i.e. Discord and Zoom).

~ Neither I nor your fellow coven members are your therapist, psychiatrist, specialist, etc. Holding space for deep trauma is a HUGE responsibility (which is why I don’t really do one-on-one shadow work sessions any longer). Therapists charge upwards of $200 an hour because of the emotional energy required to navigate such challenges. If you’re looking for someone to guide you through shadow or help you deal with deep-seated trauma, contact a therapist, not your unsuspecting coven member!

~ This is a space for empowerment. For learning. For sharing your spiritual journey. For having fun! I want the general vibe to be one of excitement and exploration, with a focal point on where we’re going as opposed to where we’ve been. If you’re looking for a cathartic experience of release, feel free to attend the monthly waning moon release ritual via the WISE ONES Coven!