This is My Best Spell

By Koren, Brave + Curious Coven member

Entry date: August 14, 2020

This is my best spell, only It’s not an entire spell, it’s more a basic process that more complex spells can be born out of, depending on what kinds of bells and whistles and prayers one wants to attach to it. It comes from the Alanis Morrissette song “21 Things I Want in a Lover” and a repeated insistence from my gods several years ago when I was really looking for something to “make a list”.  So I did.

I found that coming up with twenty one qualities to describe what I was looking for – whether that was a potential partner, a house, or a job (etc.) was a good number – large enough that I really had to think about what I wanted, but not so large that it got repetitive or so specific as to be next to impossible for the Universe to work out a way to make it happen.

Usually, like with a lot of sigil magick, I’ll either tuck the paper I wrote the list on away somewhere, or if I type it up, I’ll put it in an archive of folder somewhere (I have a folder titled “the aether”) where I won’t see it again until it’s come to fruition.

As for my magickal revelations – this part was actually harder to write about than I thought it would be.  It turns out (apparently) that a lot of what I feel like are revelations don’t translate into legible English very well for me.  They seem to devolve into a hodge-podge of various connections like one of those conspiracy bulletin boards with all the red threads.  Here is what I felt like I could sum up in the given word count:

* First, is that the Desire Mapping process is a way to get to the True Will that Crowley talked about.  That idea of finding your true purpose, to me, will always be rooted in finding out what your core self is (and by extension the feeling states that you seek).

* Spellwork, ultimately, is about creating a microcosmic version of what you want to happen in the macrocosm.  As above, so below.

* Stories and storytelling are *essential* to us as human beings.  It’s how we make sense of the world, especially the more abstract aspects of it.  It also wears a trail that helps shape future events.  If our expectations (conscious or unconscious) can shape the outcome of a situation – see also theoretical physics – then the stories we tell shape our expectations.  Mercedes Lackey does a fantastic job of taking this idea and running with it in her Five Hundred Kingdoms series, which is where I first ran across it.

* The thing is, even though it comes from a modern fantasy novel, it struck me as True.  And that’s another aspect of all of this.  Just because something is old, doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily any more full of Truth than something written today.  It means that it’s had a longer time to get stuck in to the cultural consciousness, but not that it has the sole ownership of “good” or “valuable” or “true”.  And THAT is probably my most important guiding light – anything that strikes you as meaningful, or Important, or inspires some kind of awe or deep feeling in you is a part of Your Truth and Your Mysteries.  NO one else gets to decide what those are.  Just you.

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