Five Tarot Cards for Self-Love

one of The deepest and most powerful feelings you can cultivate is the love you have for yourself. Now, I know that you are a light that shines brightly and boldly, but until you believe it yourself, you'll hardly hear it from me! Believe me, I've spent plenty of time imprisoned by negative thoughts and … Continue reading Five Tarot Cards for Self-Love

A Guide to Reading With The Illuminated Tarot

Ever since I published my review of The Illuminated Tarot, I've been getting the same question from folks looking to work with the deck: how do you actually read with it? This question blooms from the fact that The Illuminated Tarot is a 53-card deck while the tarot is a 78-card one. Creator Kaitlin Keegan … Continue reading A Guide to Reading With The Illuminated Tarot

Biz Spread for Building Community

When it comes down to it, being a heart-centered, soul-based entrepreneur is all about reaching out and making contact. Our efforts don't exist in a vacuum, folks, and if it's starting to feel a little lonely in your neck of the woods, it may be time to re-assess how you're engaging with your people. Our … Continue reading Biz Spread for Building Community

Reviewing The Illuminated Tarot

This is only the second deck I've reviewed, and for good reason: It's Fucking Epic. I had a similar reaction to The Moon Deck, and wrote a similarly gushy review of it. For some reason, I'm only pulled to review the decks I absolutely love--like a woman possessed, I want to share the goods with … Continue reading Reviewing The Illuminated Tarot