Five Tarot Cards for Self-Love

Every September, tarot reader, lightworker, and all around goddess Kelly-Ann Maddox hosts Self-Love September, a celebration and an affirmation of the relationship we have with ourselves. She posts content every other day for the whole of September discussing all manner of topics (confronting addiction, learning to trust your intuition, and forming strong boundaries have all … Continue reading Five Tarot Cards for Self-Love

A Guide to Reading With The Illuminated Tarot

A quick announcement before we get to the "meat" of this article: Tarot Summer School is officially in session through August 2021, and if you're a beginning reader who wants to master the archetypes in six weeks, this is THE way to do it. Learn More about Tarot Summer School Ever since I published my … Continue reading A Guide to Reading With The Illuminated Tarot

Biz Spread for Building Community

When it comes down to it, being a heart-centered, soul-based entrepreneur is all about reaching out and making contact. Our efforts don't exist in a vacuum, folks, and if it's starting to feel a little lonely in your neck of the woods, it may be time to re-assess how you're engaging with your people. Our … Continue reading Biz Spread for Building Community

Reviewing The Illuminated Tarot

This is only the second deck I've reviewed, and for good reason: It's Fucking Epic. I had a similar reaction to The Moon Deck, and wrote a similarly gushy review of it. For some reason, I'm only pulled to review the decks I absolutely love--like a woman possessed, I want to share the goods with … Continue reading Reviewing The Illuminated Tarot