Tarot Spread for Giving

It’s easy to want, to desire.

In the course of a given day, I touch on at least a dozen desires that fuel me and inspire me. These desires help me structure how I work, how I live, and what I pursue.

It’s harder to give–to make ourselves vulnerable, to look deeply into the lives of those we care about and discover what we can do to make their day better.

Conscious, deliberate giving is something that’s often reserved for holidays and special occasions, but if we can do something small every day to let others know we care about them, we can build much stronger relationships. Likewise, if we can give of ourselves in a way that speaks to our strengths and the love we feel, we’ll feel much more fulfilled through the act of giving itself.

I created this spread to help you foster and grow this connection, and I hope it serves you well in your relationships and beyond!

0001 (49)

Much Love,


This spread was taken from the Tarot Spreads for the Brave and Curious, a fifty spread e-book designed to help you navigate each area of your life through the timeless wisdom of tarot.



Conscious Creativity Tarot Spread

When I arrange my altar for readings and ritual, I mentally prepare myself for the work I’m about to do.

Each crystal is chosen according to an intuitive feeling or a particular correspondence. The incense I burn is done so for a specific purpose. I place my tools where I do for practical, magickal, and aesthetic reasons. In other words, nothing is done by accident, and the end product is the result of conscious creativity–making art or artifice with a very specific outcome or intention in mind.

I’ve lately taken to thinking about the relationship between intention and creation, and how well my content reflects what I believe and value. Given that my work and my spirituality are so deeply intertwined, I feel that I have a responsibility to accurately represent who I am and what I do to the people I’m looking to serve–in other words, it would be ethically suspect of me to present a public image of myself that bears no resemblance to who I actually am.

It would be ethically suspect of me to present a public image of myself that bears no resemblance to who I actually am.

Even though I’ve been cogitating on this topic for a fair few weeks, a Facebook post by a witchy sister catalyzed them into cohesion. She mentioned the proliferation of stylized photos in social media and how they sometimes present a false representation of a persons’ lifestyle. Posts accompanied by images of elaborately arranged scenes that infer that little to no effort went into their creation are openly deceptive, and they narrow the scope of what spirituality “looks like.” Her thoughts hit home and led me to reflect on my own approach to stylization and the part it plays in my professional and spiritual life. Through this reflection, I was able to come to some really interesting conclusions about why and wherefore I carefully curate and cultivate my content–something, it turns out, I really needed to explore.

Each of us chooses which parts of ourselves we share with the world whether we’re active on social media or not.

Becoming a genuine expression of who we are is the work of a lifetime, and closing the gap between who we are intrinsically and the image of self we present to the world is noble work. So much of what I do with my clients is in the service of helping them move into their most resonant expression because it isn’t always easy to be transparent, genuine, and authentic. There’s pressure on all sides to do and be all manner of things, and not all of those things resonate with who we truly are. Our spiritual practice is the safe space where we can explore questions of identity and to discover what’s important and meaningful to us. Conscious creation is the active expression of our spirituality and our genuine self, and if we conform to a practice or an image that doesn’t ring true, we’ve lost the plot.

Because slinging cards is what I do, I’ve created a spread to help you stay true to your unique vision and inspiration as a self creator and a creator of beautiful, meaningful things.


  1. Mind the Gap: insight into the disconnect between who I am intrinsically and who I present to the world.
  2. Discernment: how might I be more attentive when it comes to the choices I make? How can I make more resonant, authentic choices?
  3. Fear Factor: what doubts or fears prevent me from expressing myself in a way that speaks to who I am? In what ways do I compromise the best parts of myself?
  4. The Verve: how can I facilitate a deeper connection with the “why” behind what I do? How might I better serve and reflect my core values and beliefs?

I have a lot of thoughts on this topic, and if you’re interested in the intersection of image and self and how that applies to spirituality and self-expression, check out Conscious Creation as a Sacred Act.


And if this is something you’ve personally struggled with and you’d like guidance on how to create and live more consciously and genuinely, I can help.

So Much Love and Happy Cardslinging,


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Free Your Mind Tarot Spread

Hello, Beauties!

I’m currently packing my bags for a long weekend trip to Cape May, NJ. For those of you familiar with the Jersey Shore, I assure you–this is nothing like it. Think Victorian village on a narrow spit of land. Basically, this town is my personal witchy dream.


Cape May Beach


Victorian Villa in Downtown Cape May

Because I’m preparing to get down and dirty with some R&R, I’m posting a spread that I wrote quite a bit ago called the Free Your Mind Spread. I know I shared it on Insta, but I’m fairly certain I have yet to share it here. So, here’s a six card shadow work spread for those who are serious about moving through the blocks.

The Illuminated Tarot

1. Where are the seeds of my doubt? What do they reveal about my insecurities?

2. Where do I sustain the greatest losses when I allow my fears to take control?

3. What is the core of my disbelief? What prevents me from holding space for my intuition?

4. What actionable steps can I take to move beyond negative feedback loops and into the seat of my power?

5. What actionable steps can I take to nurture self-love and self-belief? What can I do to convince myself that I’m worthy of the life I desire?

6. Kick-ass oracle to make you feel like a rockstar.

I use this spread when I’m reconsidering a shadow I’ve already addressed, or when I know that I’m acting a fool but have no idea why. It’s helped me gain clarity so I could stop the self-sabotage and get back on track with who I am and what I want. It seems to attract cosmic presents of understanding, so if you’re confused and you want to work through it, give it a try!

Much Love,


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Tips to Avoid Burnout (And a Tarot Spread!)

Full disclosure: I went through a pretty rough time recently.


I was exhausted, overworked, and frustrated. I felt that both my personal and professional efforts weren’t being rewarded in the way that they should be, and instead of stepping back and taking a breather, I pumped more and more energy into things that weren’t working. I became convinced that I needed to work at a pace and in a style that rubbed me the wrong way, and both myself and my family suffered as a result.

As a) a woman, b) a mother, and c) a small business owner, I have a tendency to put way too much on my plate.


I can see so much potential and want so badly to manifest it that I carry on long after my body and my soul say stop. And I know I’m not the only one–I routinely see members of my tarot and spiritual communities suffering from burnout and general exhaustion. Everyone wants to do so well that they work themselves into fatigue, ill-health, or worse.

There seems to be a bit of a conflicting message in the metaphysical/biz communities I frequent–hold space, slow down, and practice self-care, but work harder, stronger, and faster to manifest what you desire.


When I’m really working my thang and doing all of the tarot-ness all the time (which I love, btw), taking time out for self-care is difficult. Usually, I have to sacrifice a blog post or a video or a reading, each of which takes away from the strength and consistency of my business. For those of you glorious tarot and witchy folk reading out there, I’d hazard a guess that it’s also difficult for you to go to work, take care of the kids, cook the foods, exercise, meditate, take ritual baths, run a side-hustle, spend quality time with family and friends, feed a garden, fight racism, go to yoga, clean house, nurture your primary relationship…

We’re told from a very young age that we can have it all, but what if we can’t?


What if we don’t have enough time or resources to do and be all the things we desire? What if it’s simply too much for us to handle? When do we finally accept that our body, soul, and mind have limitations, and that if we don’t respect those limitations, we’ll continue to suffer exhaustion and burnout?


The key here is prioritization–defining what’s most important to you and putting it before those things that aren’t quite as important. If you’re like me and you have A LOT of things that are important to you, this can be pretty difficult. If I had it my way, I’d write blog posts, do tarot readings, meditate, do yoga, and perform ritual every day. Yet, the biggest portion of my day is spent cleaning, cooking, and teaching/playing with my daughter. These are all things that must get done–if I don’t do them, my place becomes inhabitable and my daughter is an absolute wreck from lack of care and attention. The environment this creates makes it nearly impossible for me to get any work done let alone stretch out on my floor and do yoga, so prioritizing these things actually makes it possible for me to do more in the long run.

If you’re having trouble prioritizing, here’s a tarot spread to help you out.

Rider-Waite-Smith Centennial Deck

  1. What must be done in order for me to be healthy and thrive?
  2. Which pursuit or spiritual practice helps me to be the best version of myself?
  3. What prevents me from doing what I need to do in order to be happy, healthy, and balanced?
  4. What goal/pursuit can I release to help me feel more energetic and renewed?


Lately, I’ve taken the proverbial “killing two birds with one stone” method to heart when it comes to cutting-back and chilling out (while still feeling like I’m not selling myself short). This is no new method to me, but I’m finding it much easier to do now that I’m deeply attuned with what’s at stake–my marriage, my sanity, my relationship with my daughter, and my relationship with self. When I take my daughter outside to play, I make sure to take the pictures I’m called to take. I savor the breeze as it plays over my body and connect with spirit. If I’m feeling tight or sluggish (because I couldn’t manage to get a yoga session in) I pick up the pace or I pick her up. When I play pretend with her, I act our common human conflicts and compassion, helping me to connect more deeply with the themes that arise in the readings I give to others. I make sure and speak with the people I meet to see if we have any common threads and to see if they might be interested in a meeting with me. In other words, I try and hold fast to the holistic approach to living by valuing everything I do as part of something bigger. And guess what? It really helps.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Simply put, we’re not going to be the best versions of ourselves all the time. We’ll have a week or two where we simply feel demotivated and we don’t make any strides or progress in a certain direction. We’ll experience death, loss, emotional upset, and frustration that consumes all of our energy and leaves little for little else. There will be times when we question the very nature of existence and so won’t be all about making cheerful or motivational Instagram and Facebook posts.

And this is totally okay.


FOMO shouldn’t prevent you from grieving your Aunt when she passes, nor should it pull you away from addressing important conflicts or realizations. Sometimes, taking a break is the absolute best thing you can do for yourself even if it doesn’t seem like it. Sometimes, you need a period of deep and uninterrupted processing before you can rebound to where you were. Give yourself permission to take this time when you need it, and know that doing so is a natural part of being human.

You don’t have to be perfect–all you have to be is you. And if that means taking a break to heal, rest, or recalculate, do it. You deserve it.

Much Love,


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“I Just Can’t Even” Tarot Spread

We’ve all had those days, folks–no matter how hard you try to get it together, it ain’t happening. You’re in the middle of a project and things aren’t going the way you’d like and you want to throw your hands up in defeat. You keep trying to start something, but lose interest, take a different tack, and lose interest again. Then you try to go do something else, but you find yourself in the same place of general indecision/lack of will. It becomes so frustrating that you just can’t even, and you either want to scream or crawl into your bed and hibernate. If you’d like to avoid both of those options, try throwing the “I Just Can’t Even” tarot spread I just wrote because I just can’t even right now. Seriously.

This is a tarot spread to help you get clear on your next move–be it regroup and restart or take a long, pensive, self-loving time out.


No one’s perfect, and sometimes we need to take a step back to discover the best way forward. Since I’m currently feeling these vibes, I’m going to throw this spread, take a picture, and share the positions and my personal reading with you. Wish me luck!


  1. What’s tripping me up?
  2. How do I effectively address this obstacle?
  3. Do I need to double down or take a time out?
  4. A “pat on the back.”
  5. A well deserved reward.


First Impressions

This spread is dominant in pentacles energy and includes two cards from the major arcana. I’m looking at a blockage in the mundane, practical sphere, so that’s where I should direct my attention and efforts in the coming days. The Ace of Pentacles and The Fool point to an opportunity for new beginnings, so trying to force something that’s not working wouldn’t be in my best interest right now. Instead, I should “wipe my slate clean,” so to speak, and begin approaching things from a completely different angle.

1. The Hanged Man suggests that I’m either unable or unwilling to accept the current state of things. I’m trying to push a concept or and idea that simply isn’t workable given the circumstances, and I’d do best to take a look at what’s happening organically as opposed to what isn’t. For the curious, I threw this spread to help me gain clarity about changing things up biz-wise, and it appears that I need to spend some time at my altar in meditation. The Hanged Man is all about surrender–about succumbing to the reality of a situation so that you can direct your energy down channels that may prove fruitful. To me, this shows that the changes I was considering making today aren’t the right changes. My body knew it, and thus resisted. Good thing I stopped to reflect when I did!

2. The Ace of Pentacles is the cosmic thought of a seed that eventually grows into a towering sycamore. In order for the tree to mature, it must be lovingly fed by the rains, the sun, and the rich soil that houses its roots. I’m invited to consider a new idea, a new way forward, one that’s more practical in terms of output and yield. The self-loving choice here is to hold space for change, to create an incubator for new ideas and projects to grow and thrive in.

3. The Seven of Pentacles could be interpreted in one of two ways here. On the one hand, this card could be encouraging me to be steadfast in my efforts and be patient–the yield will come. On the other hand, it could be letting me know that I’ve done what I can in terms of this particular approach, so I should simply collect the more modest yield and move on. In the RWS deck, the figure in this card looks exhausted and disappointed– true portrait of “burn-out.” It could very well be that I’m experiencing a burnout moment, so I’d do best to ease my foot off of the gas a bit and take a look at the roadmap before I proceed (it happens to be rainy and gross where I am today, so this is totally a tempting option).

4. The Fool is upbeat, lighthearted, and hopeful. In this position, he suggests that maybe I should set aside a bit of “adventuring” time for myself–hiking, walking the earth, taking a day trip, or even just taking a day off from the hustle so I can experience things in a refreshing, novel way. The Fool is one of my favorite cards in tarot, and its appearance never ceases to excite me. I harbor a fair bit of wanderlust and a desire for new experiences, so maybe this is just the message I need to help me begin a new chapter in terms of my biz.

5. The Eight of Pentacles seems to stress the axiom that hard work is its own reward. Given the overwhelming message that I need to look at what isn’t working and take things in an entirely new direction (and given how much work it is to start over!), I’ll find a heavy yield once I embrace my new process and approach. Honestly, this reading is affirming the presence of what I’ve been avoiding (isn’t that what tarot’s supposed to do, after all?) and is telling me that my gut instinct to switch things around is something I should definitely be listening to.

You heard it here first, folks–change is on the horizon, but not until I’ve quit being hard-headed and accepted what’s not panning out.

Now, I feel like I have a way forward. And that’s precisely what a tarot reading is supposed to do for you.


If you happen to use this spread, feel free to comment below and let me know how it worked out for you! I would love to hear all about it and to have confirmation that I’m not the only one who just can’t even from time to time.

Much Love Beauties,


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The Morning Ritual Spread

Hello, Beautiful People!

Waking up is hard to do, even for some of the most seasoned AM risers. Given this, it’s no surprise that practicing a morning ritual is hailed by woo-woo and new-agers everywhere as a great way to set yourself up for success.

Many morning rituals involve lighting incense, meditation, mantra recitation, and prayer. The cardslingers among us are known to throw a few cards to get a handle on what the day might bring. In response to a prompt from the #mayjorchallenge, I decided to create a spread that invites us to focus on mindfulness, compassion, and self-reflection as we go about our day. Thus, the Morning Ritual Spread was born.


The Vision Quest Tarot, AGM/Urania, 1998

  1. Good Manna: what do I need to incorporate to improve my outlook today?
  2. Heart Center: what do I need to hold space for today?
  3. Breathe + Release: what do  I need to let go of to think, act, and feel more positively?
  4. Conscious Action: What can I do today to benefit my highest good?
  5. Om: What should I be mindful of today?

Five cards are quite a few in terms of a daily draw, but if you take each at face value, you can come up with a fairly useful little mantra to guide you through your day. Here’s one I drafted using the following cards as an example:

“I welcome today with a clear and open mind. I honor my need for a nurturing and rejuvenating practice of self-love and promise to listen to the needs of my body and soul as I move through the day. I release my desire to have more and choose to value what I already have. I will bring my knowledge and experience to all that I do today, and I’ll be mindful of bringing my enthusiastic thoughts and ideas into being.”

Write your mantra in the notes function of your phone (or, if you’re old school like me, in a journal or in your planner) and pull it out and read it each time things get a little too rough or overwhelming.

See? I bet you’re feeling better already.

Much Love and Happy Cardslinging,


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5 Ways to Make Spring Fever Your Friend (And a New Tarot Spread!)

The sun has warmed and the flowers have bloomed. Dogs and babies and grown-as men and women are laughing more, jostling more, smiling more. The smell of coffee emanating from the cafe seems deeper, more intoxicating. And everybody looks damn good.

It’s official: spring fever has hit me like a Mac truck.

It happens every year–I’m chugging along like the little engine who could, making deadlines and conceptualizing projects and getting my hustle on and adulting like a complete badass. Yet, on the first day the temperature rises past 70 degrees, I chuck my planner in the corner, put on a flowery dress and say, “Fuck it. I’m going to walk the earth.”

Instead of writing this blog post yesterday, I sewed a light, flowing skirt and spent the better part of the day walking around and thinking, “I must look so seductive and amazing in this skirt.”


(Image from yesterday when I finished said skirt and was seriously feeling myself so I took a picture in my messy-ass room because fuck it–it’s spring. And yes–that’s a clean diaper on my dresser.)

Don’t get me wrong–I still went grocery shopping and mailed some tarot bags and cleaned and cooked and live-streamed a Spread This, Witches video, but there were a fair few things I didn’t check off my to-do list.

And if the gloriously balmy breeze streaming through my wide-open window is any indication, there are a fair few things that may be left unchecked on today’s to-do list.

Because I’m a decades-long sufferer of Spring Fever (and because I’ve had to figure out how to prevent my life from falling to shit as soon as the winter breaks), I’ve generated some fail-safe methods of keeping myself on task and in the driver’s seat. Firstly…

Let Go of the Expectation of Perfection.

It’s nice outside. You’re a human being. If you’re lucky, you’re a Pagan (heehee), and the call of the wild is freaking impossible to resist. So give into that impulse to commune with the mother goddess of nature and go out and enjoy her bounty. 


(Image from the cherry blossom in my neighborhood from one of many “I’ll just go out for a few minutes” turned two-hour walks.)

This season comes but once a year, and if you don’t allow yourself time to enjoy it, you’re going to have to wait another nine months to do so. You don’t have to be completely productive all the time. Likewise, you can indulge in a total “fuck it” day without utterly falling behind (as long as you don’t let it go to your head and are able to put your nose to the grindstone the next day!)

Make the most of Crappy Weather Days.

If I see rain in the forecast, I book my schedule to capacity. If I’m able, I do all of my client readings on that day. I write as many blog posts as I can and I shoot a video or two if possible. I order in take-out and I let the house fall into chaos and fully devote myself to work. I turn off the TV and immerse myself in the interwebs, tweaking reading offerings and the design of my website. Why? Because when the sun breaks and it’s beautiful again, I can spend my evening walking to the park and listening to drum circles and watching hippies hoop and walk the slack line. Holy crap, I do really live in the crunchiest neighborhood ever.

Make the Most of the ‘Weird Hours.’

The ‘weird hours’ are those that fall outside of the nine-to-five–the super-early mornings and the late nights and evenings. Many of us use these times to unwind with a cup of tea or coffee or wine (which is freaking glorious, btw) and a good book or TV program, but when the spring arrives and the greatest delight can be found through riding a bike or laying on a blanket in the grass, I use these hours to get some serious shit done. I’m writing this blog post in the “weird hour” time slot. I’ve finally figured out the proper lighting and camera angle to shoot my cardslinging videos at night (as it gets nicer, expect many more of these!). Likewise, the warmer weather makes it easier for me to get out of bed and be immediately productive, so I use that to my advantage by writing/responding to social media posts while I make breakfast. It can be super multi-tasky, but when you’re doing yoga in the park at sundown, you’ll be happy you did it.

There’s a Spread for That!

This is a tarot blog after all, and what would this post be without an awesome spread to round it out? I conceptualized this spread this morning when I was like, “How the hell am I going to stay on task when it’s so damn lovely outside?!” I’ve christened it the “Spring Fever Spread”, and it goes a little something like this:


  1. Energy to embrace as we bloom into this glorious season.
  2. Impulse to resist for the good of Self and All.
  3. Card to channel to get some serious shiz done when you need to.
  4. How to be like the spring and be a creative badass.
  5. Advice for finding harmony and balance.

Bring the Inside Out, and Bring the Outside In.

If, like me, you do a majority of your work on your laptop, bring that bad boy outside. Sure, you run the risk of distraction, but if you persevere in this, you’ll be able to find a way to be productive despite the call of the wild. Experiment on days where your schedule isn’t madly packed so you can allow yourself a digression or two. And besides, how awesome is it to read tarot outside?

Tear open the shutters and fling wide the windows, folks. Go to your local farmer’s market and buy a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers and feature them on your kitchen table. While you’re at it, select some gorgeous produce and make a spring green salad. Create a vibrant home that’s filled with light and cleansed by a constant breeze, so even if you can’t be outside, it will feel like you are.

Much Love and Happy Spring,


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Three Tarot Spreads for Working With the Moon

The connection between tarot and our closest celestial body is varied and deep.

Most overtly, The Moon card illustrates the portal into shadow–that which is hidden in the subconscious and is revealed through reflection and exploration. As the moon reflects the light from the sun, its understated brilliance is an illusion, one that we seek to demystify by engaging with the tarot’s archetypes.

So too do we cleanse our tarot decks by the light of the full moon–this phase is regarded as heavily potent and energetically powerful, so this “moon bath” is said to re-energize the cards and remove any lingering energy that might interfere with subsequent readings.

For those of us “moonbabies” out there, the moon phases are an important time to focus intention, to manifest, to reflect, and to release. 

The Magician archetype is a beautiful representation of the period between the new and full moon phase, illustrating the confidence and willpower needed to bring dreams into reality. The nine of swords and the three of swords exemplify our wounded heart and the need to forgive and release (a process commonly begun during the full/waning moon phase).

The ways in which tarot archetypes reflect a given lunation is nearly endless, and their full exploration is another post for another day.

Today, I want to offer a few tarot spreads that can help you connect with lunar correspondences.

Who knows? You may dig them so much that you become a bonafide moonchild too!

The New Moon Spread

At the start of each lunar month, I sit down and write a spread in correspondence with a) the task of intention-setting, and b) the astrological sign assigned to the new moon of the current lunation (lu-na-tion: term for a lunar month). Each sign exemplifies different traits and characteristics, therefore a moon in a specific sign corresponds to certain areas of focus.

That’s a bit of a tall order, especially if you’re not an astrology whiz and your not particularly keen on writing tarot spreads. Here’s the general new moon spread I use as the bones of the designs of my monthly ones.


  1. What intentions can I set to strengthen my finances?
  2. What intentions can I set to strengthen my spirit?
  3. What intentions can I set to strengthen my creativity?
  4. What intentions can I set to nurture my relationships?
  5. What intentions can I set to inspire others?
  6. What intentions can I set to improve my overall wellbeing?

The goal here is to get clear about what you want to accomplish in the coming month so you can set workable goals for achieving those ends. This spread is designed to consider our holistic experience; if it doesn’t jive with you as-is, simply drop some positions or switch the last few words to something that resonates more deeply.

The Full Moon Spread

This is a spread for the gloriously witchy and magickal and the woo-woo-curious. The Full Moon is the perfect time to do spell work and to put in the last big push before the moon begins waning and we begin reflecting on the efforts we made in the past two weeks. I designed this spread specifically to tap into the high-vibe wonder of the divine feminine in her strongest aspect–be prepared to feel electric and empowered.


The Fountain Tarot, Self-Published, 2014

1. Where your power resides.
2. Advice on how to harness and channel that power.
3. An intuitive message to guide your workings.
4. What to release as you move into waning moon phase.
5. A lesson to inform your future manifestations.

The Four Phases Spread

Here’s one for the less moon-wild among you–those who are new to tarot, those who are new to lunar astrology, or those who want a quick and simple overview for the lunar month ahead.


The Wild Unknown Tarot Mass-Market Edition, HarperElixir, 2016

The general idea is to pull a card for each of the four main phases–

  1. New
  2. First Quarter
  3. Full
  4. Last quarter

–to get a sense of the energies you can channel/work with during each. Regardless of astrological correspondences, this is a good way to check in with yourself throughout the month to make sure you’re moving in the right direction and maintaining balance as you do so.

Whatever you believe or don’t believe, working with the moon is an amazing way to get organized and stay focused.

When we’re stuck in a rut or we lose track of what we want and where we’re going, lunar correspondences can give us the structure we need to get back on track and back in the driver’s seat,

Happy Cardslinging,


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Three Tarot Spreads to Help You Plan Your Week

It was roughly seven months ago that I self-initiated into the worldwide cult of paper planning. Though I’d always proudly described myself as a free-spirit and a lovable scatterbrain, missing dates and forgetting deadlines was getting really old. I bit the bullet and bought myself a planner, but it regrettably stayed blank for weeks. Determined not to waste my investment (and to get my shit together, by hook or by crook), I turned to my beloved tarot cards for guidance. The answer was clear: “Use me to plan. Design spreads with planning in mind. If you ever stray from the path, consult me again, and I’ll get you back on track.”

Duly noted.

I heeded the advice and created a series of spreads that I use to keep me excited and organized, and today is the glorious day where I share these spreads with you. It’s my intention that they serve you well in your quest to plan like a boss.

The Week Spread

Every Sunday night I grab a cup of tea, my planner, and a tarot deck and head into my bedroom to do this mammoth “bed spread.” I draw two cards for each day of the week. The first (bottom) position indicates my focus, and the second (top) position indicates the obstacle I’ll face on that day. The layout looks a little something like this:


The Wild Unknown Tarot, HarperElixir 2016

I find this spread helpful in terms of deciding where to put what–which day’s best to write a blog post, to make a video, to do readings, to clean and go grocery shopping…you get the idea. Likewise, I become mindful of the potential roadblocks I’ll face as I work through my week–this awareness helps me to remain calm and centered when they inevitably arise.

The Daily Draw

Many of us in the tarot community are committed to the daily draw–a card pulled every day to give us a message or affirmation we can use to help guide us through our day. I rather like to draw three cards–morning, noon, and night–to help me decide which tasks I’m going to do when. If I receive the High Priestess in the morning, I’ll use that time to meditate and do some self-reflection. The appearance of a Wands card at noon let’s me know it’s time to get some serious shit done, and Pentacles in the evening point to finance or family life. The goal here isn’t necessarily to force oneself to do certain tasks at certain times (Not all of us have the luxury to arrange our days in this way), but rather to get us thinking about our priorities, remind us of our responsibilities, and attune us to things we didn’t consider.


The Reboot Spread

We’ve all been there–plans fall apart, we get sick, we encounter resistance, we run out of time. One of the worst things we can do in this situation is toss our planner aside in hopelessness and frustration. When you’re feeling like you just can’t even in terms of what you wanted to do, grab your deck and give The Reboot Spread a shot. It’s designed to help you make concessions and alterations so you allow yourself the proper self-care without letting your intentions fall by the wayside.


1. What’s the most important task to prioritize this week?
2, Which task can I drop or put off until I’m feeling more up to it?
3. What self-care practice do I need to engage with to help me get back to center?

Planning can be daunting and overwhelming, especially if you’re exactly like me someone for whom “organization” is a dirty word. But if you have a deck of cards, a passion for tarot, and a willingness to try, these spreads should help you transition from mess to success in two shakes of a lamb’s tail (bonus points if you get the reference)!

Much Love and Happy Planning,

Jessi (AKA the Mind Witch Mama)

Transitional Healing Tarot Spread

I’ve been a witch for three years now. Before that, I was a proud atheist, but I was still trying to discover the meaning of life and find my place in the vast web of existence. And way back in space and time when I was a child who maybe/probably believed in god, I wondered what eternity would feel like when I arrived. Honestly, I doubted its “promised land” branding. In short, I’ve always been the sort that struggles with the fundamental questions, and this trait has made me…”sensitive.” “Difficult.” “Deep.” “Overreactive.”

Change has always been a challenge. Letting things go? A damn-near impossibility. Sometimes, it feels like the pop psychology term “baggage”was created with me in mind. The adrenaline rushes that overwhelmed me in times of fear, pain, and crisis burned those experiences into my brain, and try as I might, I could never quite erase them. This is still something I must address on a continual basis; my awareness makes it possible to introduce the coping mechanisms I’ve developed to stop the “wheel of darkness” from careening down the side of the mountain. It’s safe to say that at this point in the journey, I’m a master at psycho-spiritual damage control, and I couldn’t be more grateful that I’ve reached a level of awareness that makes it possible for me to attend to the needs of my unique, beautiful mind. And as I write this, I meditate on the Wheel of Fortune and express this triumph with the utmost humility and reverence for the unknown path ahead and all that it may bring.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so, I salute you, fellow shadow walker. I hold space for you and all that you’ve encountered and endured. To have a sensitive heart and a metaphysical mind is a wonderful gift, but it’s also a great burden. Everything means something. Nothing goes unnoticed. And through a boundless curiosity the sheer will of contemplation, not much stays hidden either. Harmful words flippantly expressed tend to stick to you like nuclear melted cheese–no matter how hard you shake, it ain’t coming off until it’s good and ready. And even so, it takes a huge effort to make sure every last bit has been accounted for and removed. Years may pass without thought or mention of a traumatic experience only for a random trigger to rear its ugly head and send you careening back into the mouth of the beast. What do you do? How do you prepare for something you can’t anticipate? And once you’ve relapsed, how do you dig yourself out again?

I crafted a spread this morning. It came from the depths of my soul, from my heart and my head’s best intentions. That may sound hyperbolic, but it’s true. I took this spread for a spin and the reading was absolutely amazing–clear, purgative, intuitive, revealing, comforting. I want to share this with you because I’m fairly confident it will help. It’s no pony ride (but let’s be real–when have I ever written “pony ride” spreads?), but most honest things aren’t. But if you’re ready, it’s waiting.


1. What is the primal source of my deepest pain and suffering?

2. What must I release as I prepare to re-establish agency and sovereignty?

3. How do I let go of the pain of the past, once and for all?

4. What does my inner child need to feel safe and cared for?

5. What boundaries do I need to draw in order to feel happy and healthy?

6. What can I do to hold space for others’ unique personalities and needs? How can I be more understanding?

7. How can I address triggers that cause me pain, but I cannot avoid or control?

8. Oracle message of love and support.

I wish you the best in each and every one of your journeys towards healing.

Much Love,


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