Tarot Spread for Giving

It's easy to want, to desire. In the course of a given day, I touch on at least a dozen desires that fuel me and inspire me. These desires help me structure how I work, how I live, and what I pursue. It's harder to give--to make ourselves vulnerable, to look deeply into the lives … Continue reading Tarot Spread for Giving

Free Your Mind Tarot Spread

Hello, Beauties! I'm currently packing my bags for a long weekend trip to Cape May, NJ. For those of you familiar with the Jersey Shore, I assure you--this is nothing like it. Think Victorian village on a narrow spit of land. Basically, this town is my personal witchy dream. Cape May Beach Victorian Villa in … Continue reading Free Your Mind Tarot Spread

“I Just Can’t Even” Tarot Spread

We've all had those days, folks--no matter how hard you try to get it together, it ain't happening. You're in the middle of a project and things aren't going the way you'd like and you want to throw your hands up in defeat. You keep trying to start something, but lose interest, take a different … Continue reading “I Just Can’t Even” Tarot Spread

The Morning Ritual Spread

Hello, Beautiful People! Waking up is hard to do, even for some of the most seasoned AM risers. Given this, it's no surprise that practicing a morning ritual is hailed by woo-woo and new-agers everywhere as a great way to set yourself up for success. Many morning rituals involve lighting incense, meditation, mantra recitation, and prayer. The … Continue reading The Morning Ritual Spread