5 Signs You Should Get a Tarot Reading

Modern tarot is a far cry from the parlor trick antics it was once associated with.

Gone are the turbans, the crystal balls, the sleight of hand. In their place are sage bundles, aura crystals, and the careful consideration of psychology, self-care, and social justice. It’s safe to say that today’s tarot is less about telling the future and more about unpacking the here and now, and for many, it’s a source of insight and guidance through life’s transitions, obstacles, and challenges.

Perhaps you’ve wondered if you should get a tarot reading–after all, Vogue, Bustle, and Marie Claire have all wondered the same.  As a full-blown believer in the power of tarot to guide, inspire, and transform, I’m generally quick to recommend a reading (especially to those who’ve never had one before). However, there are some definitive signs and indications that getting a reading would be especially beneficial for you at the moment, and I wanted to share those in case you too were wondering if getting a tarot reading would be helpful!

1. Your Life is Kind of a Hot Mess

We’ve all been there–break-ups coincide with family issues coincide with work issues coincide with health issues. If you’re having a “when it rains, it pours” moment, tarot can be especially helpful when it comes to sorting things out and working things through. Depending on the degree of general chaos and disorder you’re experiencing, a few specialized readings may be more helpful than one generalized one. You could go about this in one of two ways–you can choose a few different readers to work with (readers often have specialities and strengths, and a bit of internet research can point you in the direction of a reader who’s uniquely qualified to address your concerns), or you can choose a single reader to tackle your question from multiple angles for continuity’s sake. Either way, the readings should help you to take stock of where you are and shed light on a way forward.

2. Your Self-Love Practice Needs a Re-haul

A conscious, continuous self-love and self-care practice promotes confidence, compassion, and wellbeing. Unfortunately, it’s often the first thing to go when our lives become hectic and demanding. If you’ve been ignoring your own needs in the service of others or if a recent event has taken a toll on your self-esteem, a reading designed to tune you in to your own magnificence and re-ignite your self-care practice may be the way to go. Depending on your reader, your session may include tips, journal prompts, and actionable advice to help you develop a self-care strategy that works for you. Book a Self-Love Reading.

3. Your Past is Coming Back to Haunt You

One of the most common requests I get from my clients is advice on how to move forward in light of the troubled events of a difficult past. Moving on is difficult for the best of us, and having someone in your corner to provide guidance and advice through that process can help you make some serious headway. If you’ve been tackling these issues alone and still feel like you’re treading water, a reading that addresses shadow work, generational healing, or emotional healing can be particularly useful. Tarot’s incredibly adept at bringing forth that which we’ve repressed or refused to acknowledge, and confronting these difficult truths can be instrumental to our ability to heal, forgive, and move forward. Book a Shadow Work Reading.

4. You’ve Exhausted Your Resources

When we’re facing especially difficult or challenging times, many of us turn to friends and family for guidance and support. Although calling on your support system is one of the best decisions you can make in times of crisis, it may not be able to help you in the way you need. Maybe you’re dealing with something that’s incredibly personal, and you’re not quite ready to let your people in on it yet. Maybe you’ve spoken with them about the issue, but you’ve left the conversation feeling even more confused and unsure. Maybe they are the problem. Regardless, an objective opinion could help you view your situation in a different light so you can consider and explore options you didn’t even know were available. Likewise, it could help you clarify what the best decision is for you without having to consider what your loved ones think is best.

5. Life is Awesome, and You Want it To Stay That Way

Although tarot is incredibly useful in times of crisis, it’s equally useful in times of success. Some of the most rewarding readings I’ve given were for clients who wanted to capitalize on a lucky streak or to ride their current momentum into the land of manifestation and dreams realized. It takes a lot of thought, effort, bravery, and perseverance to overcome the obstacles that stand between us and our goals, and some added clarity and insight (as well as some guidance and support) can help you maintain your strength and confidence as you go after what you want.

The decision of whether or not you should get a tarot reading is ultimately yours, as is the choice to act on the advice and insight it provides.  If you’ve never had a reading and you’re curious, however, I’d say go for it–you may be surprised by how helpful and useful it can truly be.

Much Love,


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Tips to Avoid Burnout (And a Tarot Spread!)

Full disclosure: I went through a pretty rough time recently.


I was exhausted, overworked, and frustrated. I felt that both my personal and professional efforts weren’t being rewarded in the way that they should be, and instead of stepping back and taking a breather, I pumped more and more energy into things that weren’t working. I became convinced that I needed to work at a pace and in a style that rubbed me the wrong way, and both myself and my family suffered as a result.

As a) a woman, b) a mother, and c) a small business owner, I have a tendency to put way too much on my plate.


I can see so much potential and want so badly to manifest it that I carry on long after my body and my soul say stop. And I know I’m not the only one–I routinely see members of my tarot and spiritual communities suffering from burnout and general exhaustion. Everyone wants to do so well that they work themselves into fatigue, ill-health, or worse.

There seems to be a bit of a conflicting message in the metaphysical/biz communities I frequent–hold space, slow down, and practice self-care, but work harder, stronger, and faster to manifest what you desire.


When I’m really working my thang and doing all of the tarot-ness all the time (which I love, btw), taking time out for self-care is difficult. Usually, I have to sacrifice a blog post or a video or a reading, each of which takes away from the strength and consistency of my business. For those of you glorious tarot and witchy folk reading out there, I’d hazard a guess that it’s also difficult for you to go to work, take care of the kids, cook the foods, exercise, meditate, take ritual baths, run a side-hustle, spend quality time with family and friends, feed a garden, fight racism, go to yoga, clean house, nurture your primary relationship…

We’re told from a very young age that we can have it all, but what if we can’t?


What if we don’t have enough time or resources to do and be all the things we desire? What if it’s simply too much for us to handle? When do we finally accept that our body, soul, and mind have limitations, and that if we don’t respect those limitations, we’ll continue to suffer exhaustion and burnout?


The key here is prioritization–defining what’s most important to you and putting it before those things that aren’t quite as important. If you’re like me and you have A LOT of things that are important to you, this can be pretty difficult. If I had it my way, I’d write blog posts, do tarot readings, meditate, do yoga, and perform ritual every day. Yet, the biggest portion of my day is spent cleaning, cooking, and teaching/playing with my daughter. These are all things that must get done–if I don’t do them, my place becomes inhabitable and my daughter is an absolute wreck from lack of care and attention. The environment this creates makes it nearly impossible for me to get any work done let alone stretch out on my floor and do yoga, so prioritizing these things actually makes it possible for me to do more in the long run.

If you’re having trouble prioritizing, here’s a tarot spread to help you out.

Rider-Waite-Smith Centennial Deck

  1. What must be done in order for me to be healthy and thrive?
  2. Which pursuit or spiritual practice helps me to be the best version of myself?
  3. What prevents me from doing what I need to do in order to be happy, healthy, and balanced?
  4. What goal/pursuit can I release to help me feel more energetic and renewed?


Lately, I’ve taken the proverbial “killing two birds with one stone” method to heart when it comes to cutting-back and chilling out (while still feeling like I’m not selling myself short). This is no new method to me, but I’m finding it much easier to do now that I’m deeply attuned with what’s at stake–my marriage, my sanity, my relationship with my daughter, and my relationship with self. When I take my daughter outside to play, I make sure to take the pictures I’m called to take. I savor the breeze as it plays over my body and connect with spirit. If I’m feeling tight or sluggish (because I couldn’t manage to get a yoga session in) I pick up the pace or I pick her up. When I play pretend with her, I act our common human conflicts and compassion, helping me to connect more deeply with the themes that arise in the readings I give to others. I make sure and speak with the people I meet to see if we have any common threads and to see if they might be interested in a meeting with me. In other words, I try and hold fast to the holistic approach to living by valuing everything I do as part of something bigger. And guess what? It really helps.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Simply put, we’re not going to be the best versions of ourselves all the time. We’ll have a week or two where we simply feel demotivated and we don’t make any strides or progress in a certain direction. We’ll experience death, loss, emotional upset, and frustration that consumes all of our energy and leaves little for little else. There will be times when we question the very nature of existence and so won’t be all about making cheerful or motivational Instagram and Facebook posts.

And this is totally okay.


FOMO shouldn’t prevent you from grieving your Aunt when she passes, nor should it pull you away from addressing important conflicts or realizations. Sometimes, taking a break is the absolute best thing you can do for yourself even if it doesn’t seem like it. Sometimes, you need a period of deep and uninterrupted processing before you can rebound to where you were. Give yourself permission to take this time when you need it, and know that doing so is a natural part of being human.

You don’t have to be perfect–all you have to be is you. And if that means taking a break to heal, rest, or recalculate, do it. You deserve it.

Much Love,


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Strength and Struggle: One Year as a Tarot Reader

July 1st marks the first birthday of Jessi Huntenburg Tarot, and it has been a wild ride, folks.

When I began this business, I was in the midst of a personal maelstrom from which I’ve just recently recovered, so my biz grew alongside me. I learned how to create professional boundaries at the same time I redrew personal ones. I did some pretty challenging and transformative shadow work as I helped others do the same. I defined who I was within the context of providing heart-centered services while redefining my spiritual path and recalibrating my relationships. I discovered that my vocation is partially defined by my compulsion to save others while I learned, through trial and error, that the only person I could truly save was myself.

I let go of my need to control my environment. I embraced the passion of the pursuit that has no guaranteed outcome. I finally understood in my bones what it means to be of service, and how important it is to keep putting myself out there no matter what.

But most importantly, I realized that in the end, it’s the people who matter–my clients, my friends, my family. They’re why I do what I do in the first place, and without them, I have no business. They’re the lifeblood of this whole venture, and for that, I offer them all of the gratitude I can muster–thank you to each and every one of you who has supported me and my biz.

The truth is, doing this thing was fucking hard. I was practically biz illiterate and I had to learn as I went. Despite the perpetual learning curve, I was dedicated to making it work, and through that dedication, I discovered what it truly meant to be committed to something.

Prior to launching this business, there was a big something missing in my life. I both knew and didn’t know what it was, and I didn’t stop searching until I brought it into the light. When I did, the thought of helping others gain clarity on the journey was so exciting to me that I did something I’d only done a few (albeit memorable) times: I took a huge risk. I set aside all other pursuits. I determined that I would stop at nothing to achieve it. And although I’m far from finished, I’m definitely feel as if I’ve laid a strong foundation.

If I can sort through the mess and the madness and change my habits and behaviors to achieve what I want to achieve, so can you.

I believe this with every fiber of my being. If I survived the perpetual wandering of my “wilderness years,” than you can too. We’re all doing our thing on this glorious orb we call the world, and all it takes is an intention and a commitment to manifest that intention to shift our paradigm.

And now, a toast: to intentions, to manifestation, to paradigm-shifting, to persisting.

Much Love Beauties,


How I Learned to Embrace my “Clair”

I believe in science.

For decades it was the divine masculine to my literary divine feminine. The idea that one can’t legitimately assert something without measurable proof is comforting, humbling, and rewarding–if you want anyone to respect your ideas, you’re going to have to do the work to convince them that you aren’t just pulling this stuff out of your ass. And when you do the research and make your observations, you discover a breathtaking explanation for why the world works the way it does and set your audience up for mind-blowing moments.

I love having my mind blown by science. It happens less and less these days, but when it does, my inner smile comes out. It’s a holy experience and I hit my knees at the altar and revel in the beauteous construction of the cosmos.

This is precisely why I’m feeling a bit uneasy these days. As I’ve completely opened myself up to the “woo,” my experiences are less and less rooted in the rational world. Things are beginning to happen that I can’t quite explain, and even stranger, I don’t want to try to explain them. 

Blasphemous, but true.

As a tarot reader, I pride myself on my groundedness: my readings are firmly centered within psychological tradition, I read to provide insight on the present circumstance and not the future, and I don’t channel spirits in my readings. Honestly, I didn’t even believe in the existence of spirits until a dear friend told me he saw them all the time. 

The strange thing is, the more open I’ve become about my profession and spiritual leanings, the more open others have become about the role woo plays in their lives.

These are folks who’ve hidden this side of themselves from me for our entire relationship, and it’s led me to the following questions: “Are we more woo than we commonly let on? How many of us adhere to beliefs that defy nature and science? How many of us experience things we can’t possibly explain? What does that mean for who we are and how we view the world?”

I’ve been feeling my claircognizance, y’all. I just had to come out and say it before I rambled on for another half page as a stalling tactic. It’s something that I’ve been dabbling with since I worked with Tarot as a Tool for Craft and it’s become far more prevalent in my tarot readings than I anticipated. There are things I simply know about a situation without any definitive information to support it, and I can’t adequately explain where the knowledge is coming from. I don’t hear voices other than my inner voice, but sometimes it says things that seem random and unprompted given the card and the position.

Sometimes, it seems, I feel my clients–I latch on to their energy and perspective and gain greater insight as far as their obstacles and options are concerned. 

Considering that I do a majority of my readings online and that some of my clients are hundreds of miles away, this is weird to me, but I’m learning to question it less and embrace it more in the service of my clients.

Honestly, it’s a question of integrity: “Should I silence these messages simply because I don’t know where they’re coming from?” To work around this problem, I attach a disclaimer to these insights: “I’m no medium, but this came through pretty strong, so I thought that I’d include it here.” I never make a guarantee that any predictions will come up in a reading because I pride myself on the legitimacy of my business and in no way do I want to promise anything I don’t feel confident I can deliver.

Yet, I don’t want to limit myself in terms of the guidance I provide, nor do I want to silence my intuition because I can’t figure out a way for it to “make sense.”

Even so, my left brain tells me that I’m fabricating it, that the incense is going to my head, that I’m projecting my own experience onto that of my clients’, that something in the tone of the question tipped me off, that I’m so familiar with the dynamic interplay of human relationships that I unconsciously manifested the message as a result of the information given to me…the list is endless. And no matter how often I try to convince myself that there’s nothing mystical going on here, I just don’t feel like any explanation measures up.

Feeling. That’s the precise sense that’s throwing me for a loop, that’s asserting that all logical explanations are falling short.

It’s always been there, this intuition, and I’ve always been fighting its existence.

It never made me feel comfortable. It made me feel more terror than humility. And it felt much more ominous and foreboding than any reward I ever received. But its mystery, its attraction, its thoughtless knowledge never ceased to intrigue me. Even now as I pen these words, I feel uncomfortable–have I revealed to much? Have I delegitimized my practice? Have I allowed my inner witch too much leeway? I think not. And as I continue on this path of spirit and in my practice of tarot, I secretly wish for more of this unknown, more of what can’t be explained. I wish to revel in the beauteous mystery–not construction–of the cosmos.

Much Love Fellow Seekers and Cardslingers,


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