How to give and receive unconditional love

"If you wish for the light, make yourself ready to receive the light." ~ Rumi I grew up in an environment where the tension between love and fear was so strong it could split a room in two. My parents loved me very much, but their fear of something bad happening to me was just … Continue reading How to give and receive unconditional love

How to Stay Committed to Daily Spiritual Practice

Crafting a daily spiritual practice is one thing. Staying committed to that daily practice is another. If you're anything like me and every person I know, you have the best intentions when it comes to making self-loving changes in your daily habits. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to develop … Continue reading How to Stay Committed to Daily Spiritual Practice

Conscious Creativity Tarot Spread

When I arrange my altar for readings and ritual, I mentally prepare myself for the work I'm about to do. Each crystal is chosen according to an intuitive feeling or a particular correspondence. The incense I burn is done so for a specific purpose. I place my tools where I do for practical, magickal, and … Continue reading Conscious Creativity Tarot Spread

Surviving A Spiritual Slump

Do you live, eat, breathe, and sleep moon phases? Are you able to meditate, perform ritual, do yoga, commune with your deities, and sage that shit on the daily? Are you constantly on your spiritual A-game with no signs of stopping or slipping away from the woo? If so, I applaud you--you are the Super-Human New-Age … Continue reading Surviving A Spiritual Slump

How I Learned to Embrace my “Clair”

I believe in science. For decades it was the divine masculine to my literary divine feminine. The idea that one can't legitimately assert something without measurable proof is comforting, humbling, and rewarding--if you want anyone to respect your ideas, you're going to have to do the work to convince them that you aren't just pulling this … Continue reading How I Learned to Embrace my “Clair”

Transitional Healing Tarot Spread

I've been a witch for three years now. Before that, I was a proud atheist, but I was still trying to discover the meaning of life and find my place in the vast web of existence. And way back in space and time when I was a child who maybe/probably believed in god, I wondered … Continue reading Transitional Healing Tarot Spread

Exploring the Mind/Body Connection in Tarot

My husband got sick five days ago. It didn't worry me--I don't automatically get sick just because he does, and I felt absolutely fine. A few evenings later, however, my nose began to run. About a half-second later, I felt my body slacken and weaken. Goddammit, I thought. I don't have time to be sick … Continue reading Exploring the Mind/Body Connection in Tarot

Tarot and the Craft: How I Use the Cards in My Spiritual Practice

Hello, Beautiful People. For those who don't know (although my blog is positively dripping with evidence), I'm a witch. Generally speaking, it means I'm a crystal-loving, goddess-worshipping, intention-manifesting practitioner of the craft. For me, it also means that I'm a yoga-practicing, mantra-chanting meditator. Anyone who identifies as a witch knows that there are as many forms … Continue reading Tarot and the Craft: How I Use the Cards in My Spiritual Practice

Closing the Door on Bad Habits

The pathway of healing is not a wild, untamed path. It is a manicured path, a watered path,  a tended path. The sweet bloom of integration can only unfurl under certain conditions; as Miles of Sideways puts it, "Pinot is very temperamental. Only the most nurturing of growers can bring it into its fullest expression." If the soil … Continue reading Closing the Door on Bad Habits

Summer Lovin’

Every year, it's the same--I wake up one morning, step outside, and just know that midsummer has arrived. The heat rises from the earth and the pavement, the mayflies hatch and glint in the sunlight, the tree-branches buckle beneath the weight of fully grown leaves, and the echo of drum circles heightens my focus like meditation … Continue reading Summer Lovin’