Tips to Avoid Burnout (And a Tarot Spread!)

Full disclosure: I went through a pretty rough time recently. I was exhausted, overworked, and frustrated. I felt that both my personal and professional efforts weren't being rewarded in the way that they should be, and instead of stepping back and taking a breather, I pumped more and more energy into things that weren't working. … Continue reading Tips to Avoid Burnout (And a Tarot Spread!)

Surviving A Spiritual Slump

Do you live, eat, breathe, and sleep moon phases? Are you able to meditate, perform ritual, do yoga, commune with your deities, and sage that shit on the daily?ย Are you constantly on your spiritual A-game with no signs of stopping or slipping away from the woo? If so, I applaud you--you are the Super-Human New-Age … Continue reading Surviving A Spiritual Slump