Given the stress, anxiety, and concern over the spread of coronavirus, the Wise Ones Coven has agreed to share this exclusive guided meditation in service of the community. If you're feeling frightened and uneasy, listen to this meditation to return to center. So much love to each and every one of you. Let's take … Continue reading GUIDED MEDITATION TO RELEASE ANXIETY + PROMOTE SELF-CARE

Sovereignty, Boundaries, and “Bitchiness”

Creating strong boundaries does not make you a "bitch." I can't tell you how many times this missive has been hurled at me when I've spoken up, stood up for myself, or changed the dynamic in a relationship. And I know I'm not alone--one of the most common themes I've found through the work that I … Continue reading Sovereignty, Boundaries, and “Bitchiness”

The Holiday Wellness Spread

We all know how trying the holidays can be—the constant stream of events, visits, and gatherings can leave us feeling completely exhausted. The pressures of gifting coupled with our unreasonably high expectations of how our holidays should play out often causes us to feel a hell of a lot less jolly than we’d like. Not … Continue reading The Holiday Wellness Spread

An Interview with Asali of Asali Earthwork

Asali is a woman whose strength and presence is so strongly conveyed through her writing that you feel that she's there as you're reading it. And her voice--gentle, yet full of conviction--makes you feel wrapped in the sweetness that she adopts as her signature. There are many layers to her work, and her focus on … Continue reading An Interview with Asali of Asali Earthwork

Transitional Healing Tarot Spread

I've been a witch for three years now. Before that, I was a proud atheist, but I was still trying to discover the meaning of life and find my place in the vast web of existence. And way back in space and time when I was a child who maybe/probably believed in god, I wondered … Continue reading Transitional Healing Tarot Spread