Mind Witch’s Guide: Question Everything

I’ve been brewing up a lot of thoughts in the Mind Witch Mama lab this summer, and one that simply can’t wait for a grander form of expression is this:

Don’t blindly believe anything that myself or anyone else says. Take the time to consider and question what you read and hear so you can come to your own conclusions.

Your deep inner knowing lets you know when something’s spot on or amiss, and your logic helps filter out what simply doesn’t add up. So when you hear an idea that inspires a powerful response in you, take the time to ask, “Is this true? Do I believe this? Does this reflect my personal experience? What do I think and feel about this?”

Mind Witches think critically, dear. We don’t allow ourselves to be spoon-fed information, nor do we allow ourselves to declare that something is true with a capital “T” without a great deal of experience, research, and consideration. We understand that we’re often doing the best we can with the information that we have available, and that what we don’t know is a limitless mountain that towers over the humble anthill of our own understanding.

Even then, we recognize that what’s True for us often isn’t True for others. We also hold space for our True to change as we learn and grow and evolve, because we realize that we don’t have all the answers. Regardless of how you feel about him, Aleister Crowley sums this up well in Magical and Philosophical Commentaries on the Book of the Law:

“It is the mark of the mind untrained to take its own processes as valid for all men, and its own judgments for absolute truth.”

There’s been a lot of talk about the relevance of a liberal arts education for as long as I’ve been alive, and there’s more recent talk about the relevance of a university education full stop. Do I believe that universities have become bloated institutions that overcharge students and underpay faculty? Absolutely. However, many share one chief characteristic that I believe to be essential to a healthy society, and that’s this:

They teach you how to question. They teach you how to think critically. They teach you to value your own noodle and, if they’re doing it right, they hold space for you to apply it as a tool for reasoning and exploration.

When I first landed on the scene, my Instagram profile read: “consciousness liberation advocate.” I doubt I’ve ever lived up to that title, but I included it as a magickal intention that I hoped to fulfill. As of last week, I stepped back from that very platform because, like most social media, it seeks to monopolize your consciousness so it can keep you scrolling and feed you what it wants you to eat.

What are you eating, Beauty? Is it filling you? Is it nourishing you? Is it giving you what you need to grow and create and thrive? If not, it might be time to consider some alternatives.

Before I go, I want to reiterate the message of this missive: question everything. Know that you do not know. Value yourself enough to consult your mind and see what it thinks.

Much Love,

Mind Witch Mama

If you’d like to add your thoughts to this discussion, feel free to comment!

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What Type of Witch Are You? You Might be a “Mind Witch”–Here’s Why

In the five years I’ve been an active part of the witchcraft community, I haven’t come across a single “What Type of Witch Are You?” listicle that included my particular brand of craft.

I create sigils, but I’m not a chaos witch. I honor Venus as she rises in the sky each morning, but I’m not a cosmic witch. I travel the astral and communicate with my guides on the daily, but I’m definitely not a hedge witch. Although I practice elements of craft that can be found in many different traditions and approaches, none of these labels seems to fit me.

After weeks of careful consideration, I’ve settled upon a title that reflects what I do magickally, and the time has finally come to announce it to the world:

I am a Mind Witch.

A term first bandied about by badass biz-witch extraordinaire Joanna Devoe, a Mind Witch is a witch whose craft begins and ends with a spirited exploration of consciousness. She often travels the astral and has full-blown conversations with archetypal deity and imaginal beings. She has “far out” thoughts about who we are and what we mean to the universe, and these far out thoughts tell her that magick is real and that Mind is its vehicle. She knows that mind makes all things possible, and that when we work with it, we can bring amazing things into this world.

Are You a Mind Witch? You Might Be If…

You willingly embrace paradox and are comfortable holding two conflicting viewpoints at once.

You understand that magick is something that science simply hasn’t managed to explain yet.

You don’t care if your goddess is real or a projection of your subconscious as long as you can chat with her on the astral.

After reading Matilda, you secretly made a practice of trying to move objects with your mind. Even though you didn’t actually believe it would work, you absolutely believed it would work and still try from time to time just to make sure.

You behold the cosmic bodies with awe and reverence. The quantum world and its essential randomness fill you with joy. You can’t really understand why woo folk and scientists are at odds, because it’s obvious to you that they’re both turned on by the same elusive mysteries.

You’re baffled by people who say that it’s “just” the placebo effect—as far as you’re concerned, people who are thinking themselves better are witches of the highest order.

Your mind is constantly blown by things that others regard as commonplace.

You speak about imaginal space as if it really exists (because it does, because thoughts are real).

You jive with the concepts of universal consciousness and the collective unconscious. You think that we’re all sharing the same mind and can access it through magickal and spiritual practices.

You’re keenly fascinated by myth and storytelling, and you scry into books like other witches scry into crystal balls.

There’s rarely one answer to the sorts of questions you ask. Honestly, the more potential answers there are, the better the question.

You might have some difficulties when it comes to “keeping your shit together” on the physical plane (and you know that learning to work with, rather than against, the mundane is part of your spiritual journey).

You journal and/or reflect. A LOT. You often ask yourself questions like “Who am I really?” and “What does this all mean?” without being attached to finding a definitive answer (because there is no definitive answer, and that’s the best part!)

Your spellcrafting intentions often reflect your desire to grow and evolve as a spiritual being.

You’re obsessed with your mystical studies, and you believe that the act of studying is itself is a magickal act.

You pay attention to signs and synchronicities because you know that they are Mind attempting to guide you towards your most resonant expression of self.

You’re creative in a variety of ways, and when you apply that creativity, you’re doing magick.

You know that Mind is magick, and that life itself is a magickal act.

Finally, you don’t take yourself or your craft too seriously. You’re a Mind Witch because you enjoy it, and that’s enough.

Rock On, Mind Witch–may your magick be as boundless as the web of consciousness itself!

xoxo Jessi, the Mind witch mama