TEN MINUTE MAGICK | Queenly Embodiment Spell

TEN MINUTE MAGICK | Queenly Embodiment Spell

Welcome to your newest magickal life-hack, witchy lovelies! Today, I’m going to walk you through a queenly embodiment exercise designed to connect you to your power and resplendence. Get comfy, take a deep breath, and travel to your mind palace:

You sit on a golden throne, your glorious behind nestled deeply in a plush velvet cushion. You wear a robe or gown of your own design (take a moment to imagine it) and clutch a scepter that radiates a confident, peaceful power. On your head, a crown—it is lush and dripping in rubies and fresh flowers, it holds the power of crystals and herbs. Before you is your kingdom, equally beset by troubles and exalted by triumphs. It effulgently flows forever because of you. You are its creator, protector, nurturer, destroyer. You decide what’s best for it and proceed.

As a queen, you make the best decisions you can for your kingdom. You confront conflicts and issues as they arise and you address them accordingly. You take your kingdom into the future with your bravery, persistence, creativity, passion, dedication, and joie de vivre. Life is a challenge, and you are up to the task.

Take a moment to bask in the glow of your confidence—there is no one who can better lead your kingdom. There is no one more qualified, more fit. You are a badass mother who takes no shit and lets nothing lower her vibe. Nothing can stop you from serving the realm with grace, cleverness and beauty. So it is.

If you ever begin to doubt yourself, return to this exercise and visualize yourself in all your glory. If it resonates, replace “you” with “I” and read it aloud as some sort of mega-affirmation. You are bold and capable and fucking phenomenal, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Now, go forth and be the queenly beauty you are.

xoxo Jessi

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The Witches Guide to Eclipse Magick

The summer eclipse season is here, and that means it’s time to do some magick!

Yes–eclipse energy is chaotic and unpredictable. It’s wild and unreasonable. It doesn’t always “play nice.” However, it’s deeply transformative and incredibly powerful, and a spell or two can go a long way during this lunation.

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipses take place during the full moon, and they tend to manifest as “full moons on steroids”—they’re more intense, more emotional, more volatile, and more powerful than their common counterparts.

When preparing to work with a lunar eclipse, it’s a good idea to pull out your grimoire, journal, or book of shadows and reflect on where you were six months ago. What’s changed? What have you learned? What have you shifted? If it resonates, you can pull some tarot or oracle cards using the following spread:

What is this eclipse cycle bringing an end to?

What is this eclipse cycle paving the way for?

What will be discovered, achieved, or concluded by next eclipse cycle?

Now that you’re aware of what’s ending, it’s time to prepare for release. The full moon is a time where our efforts and our energy merges with the universal current–it’s time to let go and let goddess. You can…

~Speak/write words of release and burn them in a sacred flame

~Ask a deity to help you integrate the shift you’ve moved through 

~Create a safe, sacred space to rest and reflect in

~Say a prayer to heal the world and bring about swift and lasting change for the good of all so mote it be

Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipses take place during the new moon, and the regenerative, “clean slate” energy of this phase is amplified. A solar eclipse provides a great opportunity for you to commit to a new way of being, a new way of moving through the world.

It’s good to think about the macro when it comes to solar eclipse intentions—less “please universe, give me a new car” and more “please universe, heal my money shadows so I can become a custodian of wealth and abundance.” Why? The rapid changes that happen within and without us during eclipse season cause us to question our very foundations.  We know that change is happening, but we might not know how it’s going to manifest, so it’s better to invite the energy of the change than to speak a goal that we’re not certain is soul resonant.

Light some candles, cradle your favorite crystals, get into ritual mindset, and speak your shift to the universe! Let its weight and influence vibrate through your entire being and welcome transformation on a cellular level. Change begins through commitment, and words are magick–may this eclipse season transform you!

xoxo Jessi

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4 Ways to Cast Spells That Work Every Time

In my six years as a spell-crafting witch, I’ve learned that there are four elements we must nurture and consider to craft powerful magick that works. With consideration, practice, and planning, you can harness these elements to create a thriving and rewarding magickal practice.


Structure is the bones of a spell, the solid foundation that we weave our workings around. One of the most classic spell structures is as follows:

  • Set an intention
  • Charge the intention
  • Activate the intention
  • Ground

This structure is the gold standard for a number of reasons, but one of the most obvious is its fluid manipulation of energy (a slow build from intention through activation, and a steady decline from activation through grounding). Likewise, it includes everything you need for a spell to make sense and achieve its directive. Without a structure like this, you run the risk of casting a spell with no purpose or aim, and without these, our energy can’t really go anywhere.

Structure can also help us prepare the spell we’re looking to cast. Before I cast my spells, I determine the process, correspondences, and materials I plan to use as well as schedule the time I need to prepare. Spells often feel more powerful or potent when done in conjunction with seasons, planetary placements, and moon phases. Likewise, a few thoughtful choices in the way of materials can bring life, beauty, and vitality to the spells you cast.


As long as you have a powerful will and a pure heart, you have everything you need to cast a potent spell. However, tools and materials can help focus your attention and create a fertile environment for your imagination. I like to incorporate materials that have relevant correspondences and personal significance, and a unique addition here and there can help you differentiate one spell from the next.

Here’s the rub: choosing and gathering materials takes time. Even if you’re not planning on purchasing anything new, you may have to craft a candle or infuse an oil or rearrange some ephemera on your altar space. The attention you pay to selecting and preparing your materials also has the added bonus of encouraging you to focus on you craft and intention, and focus is the element that helps your spell take flight.


Focus is the lifeblood of a spell—it’s what alchemizes its constituent parts to create a glorious magickal phenomena. The extent to which we focus determines how deeply the spell penetrates and inspires us.

Focus requires the elimination of distractions, and good planning can ensure that we arrive at the altar at a time when the outside world is less likely to beckon. Have you ever sat down to spell craft only to remember that there were clothes in the laundry? That the rent needed to be paid? That the kids were coming home early from school or you’d promised your sister that you’d meet her for a drink? Planning is everything when it comes to eliminating these conflicts. With a little forethought, you can create a space where you can be truly present.


I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but consistency is key to developing a fulfilling and rewarding magickal practice. The more you cast spells, the better you become at casting spells. The more you learn about timing and correspondences, the easier it is to develop a magickal “schedule.” The more you show up at the altar, the stronger you’re connected to your practice, and when you’re connected to your practice, your petitions go precisely where they need to go.

There are definitely moments when spirit moves us to to get magickal, and we’re well served by seizing the moment as it meets us. To be truly effective spell casters, however, we have to show up often and be prepared when we do. The power of planning can help us make the most of our magickal moments and ensure that they come more often, and when our practice is magickal, our lives are magickal!


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Full Moon Tarot Spread

My, how I love a full moon. It jostles my inner-child into consciousness–I’m practically giddy as I watch the moon rise above the horizon and present her gorgeous swell over the earth. Her radiant glow is like healing nectar; I bask in it, bathe in it until I feel drunk with its magic and beauty. I climb onto my roof and converse with the Moon Goddess, thank her for all that she has bestowed upon me, and feel generally high off of gratitude and good vibes.

And of course, I perform magick. Nearly every full moon I completely witch out–sage, incense, crystals, sigils, candles, mojo bags…the list goes on. And I love it. But most importantly, I attune myself to my personal power, my divine femininity, and my ability to stand strong in the face of challenges and hardships. Being the cardslinger I am, I throw this spread to tap into these energies.


1. (center) Your node of personal power.
2. (above) Your transformative aspect.
3. (clockwise) Your creative aspect.
4. Your heart chakra correspondences.
5. Your holistic wellness.
6. The font of your prosperity.
7. The strength of your protection.

The spread itself is like a holistic blueprint of my current position in the moon cycle. Seeing as I’m at my peak, it reads incredibly positively (which is sometimes exactly what the doctor ordered). Even so, it gives me guidance on where I need to direct my energies as well as where my energies will be most productive.

Happy Reading, Moon Mavens.



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Traversing the Wormhole of the “Culinary Underbelly”: An Exploration of the Magician

In his book, Kitchen Confidential, chef/author/travelogue god Anthony Bourdain reveals in shocking detail the twenty-five years he spent as a chef and cook in the “culinary underbelly” of the restaurant industry. As one would expect, there are palatable tales: his incomparable dining experience at The French Laundry, for one. But Kitchen Confidential is not a book about food. It is a look into Bourdain’s hero’s journey, a catalogue of his descent into drugs and obscurity and his re-emergence as the head chef of the respected Les Halles restaurant. And as much as I enjoyed his painstakingly crafted descriptions of 15 course tasting menus (I worked for the inimitable Marc Vetri for a time, and by the grace of his conjuring hands was able to dine on food of similar quality), his book ranks among my favorites for the inclusion of a single chapter: “The Wilderness Years”. In these pages, Bourdain admits to seeking out the highest paying gig so he could feed whatever habit he was gripped by at the time. His decline is mirrored by the descending quality of the restaurants in which he works and by the slow extinguishment of his passion for food, ending in a shitty diner and a shittier walk-up apartment and the feeling that there must be more to life than feeding the beast of desire and addiction.

For Bourdain, there was more. Much more. And it was because of a simple shift in his decade-skewed paradigm: he began to believe. To believe that more was possible for him. To believe that he could “choose life”, as Rents of Trainspotting so aptly put it. To believe that life was a choice, and not a tide that tugs us in and out at its whim. The moment he acquired this belief, he changed his direction. He became The Magician incarnate.

When I first read “The Wilderness Years”, I recognized them as my own. I’d been toiling away as a server for the better part of five years, buckling beneath the pressure of short term deadlines and trays heaping with entrees of varying quality. The pressure was enough to break anyone’s spirit and sanity, but we found ways to cope: cigarettes, booze, and drugs, namely. At the end of a body-warping shift, we’d shed our uniforms in cold, dark hallways and emerge in the trendy street clothes our tips bought us and beeline it to the nearest watering hole. When I worked at Amis, that bar was Dirty Frank’s, a dive that’s somehow stayed a dive despite the press it’s gotten over the years. We drank pickle-backs: shots of whiskey followed by shots of pickle-juice. And we drank beers on top of that, but by the end of the night, no one was quite sure what or how much we had consumed. Sometimes the evening ended in someone’s apartment amidst a haze of pot smoke. Other times, it ended with a drunken stumble down 13th Street and a sloppily hailed cab. I’d picked up right where I’d left off in Edinburgh, but this time, I had no straight, studious days to balance me out. Somehow I always got home, but it wasn’t always pretty; one night I walked halfway across the city with sleet slicing at my face because I simply couldn’t function well enough to tell the cab driver where I needed to go. The map was in my blood by that point, so I trudged on, knowing that I’d find my way to my doorstep.

One night, I couldn’t find my way home. The path I walked had deviated so far from the map of my mind that I traveled the streets like a shadow. I wasn’t plagued by darkness; I was darkness. And in that moment of pure and utter nothingness, the world was a microscopic point and an infinitesimal expanse all at once. When the ego is stripped down to its bare essentials, identity is precarious, but possibility is endless. It is from this fiery pit that the phoenix emerges, that The Magician is born.

The Magician is the embodiment of possibility, of new life that has found its agency. When we distance ourselves from our persona, we are no longer governed by it; the expectations we have of ourselves drift away, allowing our true gifts and talents to work through us and manifest in the world. We begin to believe in ourselves, in the primordial concoction of air, fire, earth, and water that dictates the true nature of our souls. Because The Magician has all of the tools at his disposal, he can shape the world as he sees fit. And before he could make use of those tools, he first had to crack through the crust of reality.

A month after I became a free agent, I left the restaurant industry. I look back on the years I spent there with mixed emotions, but I feel that I was fated to make that deviation. Without debasing myself so, I may never have shed enough ego to realize how free we truly are, how our view of the universe shifts the universe and shifts us.  Though my departure happened three years ago, I feel as if I’m finally discovering the usefulness of the Magician’s tools, and with any luck, I’ll wield them with as much power and confidence as that glorious archetype.

Much Love,



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The Fool, the Devil, and the Power to Transmute our Demons

When I begin a project, I approach it with the energy of the Fool–I’m excited and starry-eyed, idealistic about the journey and almost radically hopeful for what it will bring.  There comes a time, however (usually after a few bumps in the road and facing the enormity of what I’m up against), that I’m forced to get down to brass tax and look into my heart to discover my true intentions: what am I called to offer?  How can I contribute to the community in a unique and valuable way?  What is my core self, and how can I convey that through my content?

This marks the first evolutionary stage in my creative process, one that is inevitably fraught with doubts, insecurities, and confusion.  I’ve been through this process often enough to recognize these thoughts and emotions as my ego’s way of rejecting the new and the challenging, so I’m usually able to prevent them from overriding my momentum. But this was not always so.  And despite everything I’ve done to smother the beast of fear and self-loathing, it still manages to rear its ugly head from time to time.

When I can’t seem to quell the negative loops from co-opting a major chunk of real-estate in my brain, I bring out the big guns.  Being of the witchy and woo-woo sort, I attack these destructive specters with my two favorite tools: magick and tarot.  When I shuffle through my deck, I’m met with archetypes and symbols that illustrate the obstacles I’m facing.  When I practice ritual, I commit myself to locating my center and honoring the messages of my subconscious.  If nothing else, these tools help me to put my experience into perspective and to continue the fight against my more depressive leanings.  I’ve been sucked into the vortex of self-destructive thought more times than I care to admit, and nothing useful ever came from those sojourns.  I know how difficult it can sometimes be to avoid the pull, and how difficult it is to climb out once you’ve succumbed to that dangerous gravity.

I may not have a perfect outline of what this particular project is (not yet, anyway), but I do know that I’d do just about anything to make sure that no one has to suffer the damaging effects of self-destructive thinking.  Here, then, is my offering on how to reframe and transform the little demons of negative self-thought into something workable and manageable.  I make no claims to hold the cure to this unfortunate facet of the human condition, but I have figured out a few ways to halt the process of negative thought and build the foundation of a loving, respectful relationship with self.  I wish you all strength and confidence in each of your journeys, and hope that you’re able to overcome the the demon of doubt as it manifests in you.

Many Blessings,



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