5 Mistakes All Witches Make (And How To Avoid Them)

The second time I cast a major money spell, it completely backfired.

Don’t get me wrong–I got the job and I got the raise (money magick is no joke, Beauties). However, it came at the expense of my comfort and sanity, and when all was said and done, it hardly seemed worth it. Five years and oodles of spells later, it’s clear to me where I bungled things up, and I’m here to share what I’ve learned so you can avoid the same blunders and oversights!

Avoid “Manic Manifesting”

Ever cast a spell from a space of complete and utter desperation? It sounds a little something like this: “To whomever or whatever’s floating out there in the cosmic consciousness: I will sacrifice literally ANYTHING if you give me A. Please, PLEASE give this thing to me. IF I CAN’T HAVE IT, I’LL DIE.”

This is pretty much how I cast my money spell, and the universe was like you asked for it and gave me job where I’d have to drive through rush hour traffic every single day. The stress that commute caused was absolute hell, and if I’d known better, I would have included some sort of post-script that said “only if it makes my life better, not worse.” Which leads me to my next tip…

Don’t Cast Spells Without adding “In the Highest Good Of All”

Or “with the best possible results” or some other such statement that takes unknown consequences into account. On the “woo” level, this lets the universe know that you aren’t willing to sacrifice something better for this outcome, and on the practical level, it programs you to keep your options open and make self-loving, soul-resonant decisions.

If You Don’t Know What You Want, Don’t Cast a Spell

I know this sounds obvious, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cast spells for things I thought I wanted, but didn’t actually want (hint: if you’re feeling anxious as opposed to confident when you’re casting a spell, chances are you’re not in alignment with what you’re asking for).The way to avoid this pitfall is to search yourself and generate soul-resonant intentions, a process I teach in Spell Bound: Get What You Want With Magick That Works.

Don’t Use Materials You Don’t Give a Fig About

Does that spell you found on the internet have a list of herbs you’ve never heard of? Do you keep crafting sigils when they don’t really move or interest you? Is your altar filled with items that hold zero personal significance, but are appropriately “witchy”? If you’re using materials that don’t resonate, you’re robbing your spells of potency and efficacy. (Want to generate a list of tools that light your soul on fire? I teach this in the course too.)

Don’t Doubt Yourself

Wanna know what takes the air out of a spell faster than anything else? The belief that what you’re about to do won’t work. If you know in your bones that magick is malarkey and there’s no way that it can benefit you, you’ve created a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you come to your altar with an open heart and and open mind, however, infinite possibilities open before you.

Much Love,

Jessi, the Mind Witch Mama

Want to cast spells that consistently get you the best results? Enroll in Spell Bound: Get What You Want With Magick That Works.

Hello, Wise One! I’m Jessi.

I’m the ritual-crafting, card-reading, mindshifting maven who’s here to help you conjure what’s best and brightest in your soul.

4 Ways to Cast Spells That Work Every Time

In my six years as a spell-crafting witch, I’ve learned that there are four elements we must nurture and consider to craft powerful magick that works. With consideration, practice, and planning, you can harness these elements to create a thriving and rewarding magickal practice.


Structure is the bones of a spell, the solid foundation that we weave our workings around. One of the most classic spell structures is as follows:

  • Set an intention
  • Charge the intention
  • Activate the intention
  • Ground

This structure is the gold standard for a number of reasons, but one of the most obvious is its fluid manipulation of energy (a slow build from intention through activation, and a steady decline from activation through grounding). Likewise, it includes everything you need for a spell to make sense and achieve its directive. Without a structure like this, you run the risk of casting a spell with no purpose or aim, and without these, our energy can’t really go anywhere.

Structure can also help us prepare the spell we’re looking to cast. Before I cast my spells, I determine the process, correspondences, and materials I plan to use as well as schedule the time I need to prepare. Spells often feel more powerful or potent when done in conjunction with seasons, planetary placements, and moon phases. Likewise, a few thoughtful choices in the way of materials can bring life, beauty, and vitality to the spells you cast.


As long as you have a powerful will and a pure heart, you have everything you need to cast a potent spell. However, tools and materials can help focus your attention and create a fertile environment for your imagination. I like to incorporate materials that have relevant correspondences and personal significance, and a unique addition here and there can help you differentiate one spell from the next.

Here’s the rub: choosing and gathering materials takes time. Even if you’re not planning on purchasing anything new, you may have to craft a candle or infuse an oil or rearrange some ephemera on your altar space. The attention you pay to selecting and preparing your materials also has the added bonus of encouraging you to focus on you craft and intention, and focus is the element that helps your spell take flight.


Focus is the lifeblood of a spell—it’s what alchemizes its constituent parts to create a glorious magickal phenomena. The extent to which we focus determines how deeply the spell penetrates and inspires us.

Focus requires the elimination of distractions, and good planning can ensure that we arrive at the altar at a time when the outside world is less likely to beckon. Have you ever sat down to spell craft only to remember that there were clothes in the laundry? That the rent needed to be paid? That the kids were coming home early from school or you’d promised your sister that you’d meet her for a drink? Planning is everything when it comes to eliminating these conflicts. With a little forethought, you can create a space where you can be truly present.


I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but consistency is key to developing a fulfilling and rewarding magickal practice. The more you cast spells, the better you become at casting spells. The more you learn about timing and correspondences, the easier it is to develop a magickal “schedule.” The more you show up at the altar, the stronger you’re connected to your practice, and when you’re connected to your practice, your petitions go precisely where they need to go.

There are definitely moments when spirit moves us to to get magickal, and we’re well served by seizing the moment as it meets us. To be truly effective spell casters, however, we have to show up often and be prepared when we do. The power of planning can help us make the most of our magickal moments and ensure that they come more often, and when our practice is magickal, our lives are magickal!


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