Welcome to Ten Minute Magick, a brand new series where I share transformative spells that you can practice in ten minutes or less. Why am I doing this? Because you need magick in your life and there’s literally no one who can’t set aside ten minutes to connect with the cosmos (and if you actually can’t, you’re being called to drastically change the way you’re living your life).

Today’s spell is inspired by light—we want it, we need it, and it keeps us going when shit gets rough. Light as many candles as you comfortably and safely can and sit before them. Take them in. Let their light infuse you.

Say “Lux et Amare” over and over while you envision your heart consumed (but not burned), by flame. Your heart is enveloped in fiery light, it is richer and stronger than ever before, and its vitality courses through your entire body.

This exercise always sends an electroshock of energy throughout my entire body that makes me feel UNSTOPPABLE. Take ten minutes to do this and tell me how you feel in the comments!

xoxo Jessi

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