Songs As Spells

By Anne, the Witchy Writer

“Three chords and the truth—that’s what a country song is.”

  -Willie Nelson

I’ve been playing around with music as spells recently. It’s perfect for me since I’m still in the broom closet about my witchery. I essentially charge them like sigils, so I can unleash their magick by playing the song, and my family is none the wiser! I’m going to use the word “Divine” here but obviously think in whatever word you want—Universe, the All, the One, the Tao, etc.

Music is such a natural fit for spell work. How many of us have been held, captive and bewitched, by a beautiful melody, poetic lyrics, or the soul-wrenching vibrato in a singer’s voice? A good song will take you away to a different time or place, evoke an intense feeling, and can almost immediately tap you into that delicious, Divine flow. 

The best songs for spell work are those with strong lyrics that evoke an emotion or image related to your intention. A good magick song will also rise to intensity and then taper off. Most songs do this already—they tell a story, so they build up to a point and then release. So already, they are inherently spells. Bonus points if you like to sing along—I think this really magnifies the effect of the spell, because you are, in essence, saying the spell. You could probably reach even greater effect if you craft your own song, but that’s beyond the scope of my interest at this time. 

My idea came about when I listened to k.d. lang’s Wash Me Clean.I recently rediscovered it after over a decade, and I took that as a sign from the universe. I find this song deeply spiritual and moving. It is a song about love, but many such songs can also be about love of the Divine and self love. In this case, I had been looking for a magickal way to support my creative writing, and this song was a perfect fit for my purposes. The lyrics seemed to be a call to the Divine to “swim through my veins” and “drown me in your rain.” All the lyrics just seemed to work perfectly, even the lines about “my desire carries no shame” (there’s a lot of shame and guilt when you are pursuing something creative that doesn’t pull in any money and takes time away from your family!) 

To cast this spell, I prepared a sigil based on a creativity intention, something like “I write deeply moving stories of the Highest Truth.” I also wrote down some other affirmations, including “Creativity is my birthright”, “I am a creative being”, and so on. I set up my altar with some crystal allies and items related to my deities. I did my meditation, then stated my invocation. I charged my sigil with the song. I listened to it three times, with my eyes closed, singing along, and really, really, feeling into the music and visualizing myself in the flow, writing with abandon, feeling deeply excited and moved by my story. I ended with my affirmations, then lit my sigil candle and let that baby burn.

 So now, when I feel down creatively, I listen to Wash Me Clean to call the muse. So far, it’s worked! I’ve written two books since March, and am working on my third. In fact, it might be working too well, because I’ve been obsessing about my characters. They keep me up at night with their chatter.

I did a similar thing with Sade’s By Your Side, which to me is a song about self love. I charged it with all kind of self love affirmations and listen to it when I need to feel held by the Divine.