2020 is HERE, and that means it’s time to prep your biz for the new year!

The Rock Your Biz Workbook is just the resource you need to get clear on where you want to be–it encourages reflection, connection, and targeted business planning so you can create content and offerings that deeply resonate with your soul and those that you serve.

The goal here is to have you feeling as inspired and connected as you do focused and prepared. The best biz is one that feels good to run–let’s do this!

sample workbook page

Through engaging with the ROCK YOUR BIZ workbook, you’ll…

∇ Reconnect with your “why” and bring new life to your offerings and objectives

∇ Synthesize your strengths and passions into products and offerings that find their audience through authenticity

∇ Create grounded goals that speak to your soul

∇ Brainstorm and outline content and product offerings

∇ Plot and plan according to monthly timelines

sample workbook page

The Rock Your Biz Workbook offers 30+ journal questions to help you hone in on what’s important, discard what no longer works, and channel your unique talents, skills, and abilities into your work. It also offers seven planner pages and two tarot spreads to guide you through your biz journey.

If you’re ready to reflect, get real, and be a visionary for your business, this resource is here to help you do it!

Rock Your Biz Workbook (pdf file)