Release the Past Reading


Letting go is hard, Beauties, but it’s necessary if we want to grow and shift and evolve. When we feed a grudge or cling to a past relationship or obsessively reminisce over the past, we stall. We dry out and desiccate. We push a “pause” button on our lives and we miss out on so many opportunities for joy, love, and fulfillment.

I’m a pretty strong believer in the efficacy of release work; it’s a cornerstone of my spiritual practice. I’m intimate with how difficult it can be to move on and move forward, and I’ve crafted this reading to help you kickstart and/or continue your process of releasing the past. Through this reading, we’ll explore why you’re finding it difficult to let go of a certain event, person, or time period and what you can do to release what no longer serves.

In this reading, we’ll work with the following positions:

  1. Why am I holding on to this piece of my past?
  2. What core fear is preventing me from moving forward?
  3. How can I begin the process of working through that fear?
  4. What is my spirit yearning to explore?
  5. How can I lean into my discomfort to confront and heal?
  6. How can I honor my past without carrying it into the future?

What You’re Getting

∇ A 1,000 word pdf / 30 minute video file

∇ An HD photo of your spread (if an email reading)

∇ Details on the deck, incense, and crystals used in your reading

What I Need From You

∇ Details on what you’d like your reading to address or focus on

Please send a paragraph or two including the above information  to following your purchase. This allows me to provide a reading that is tailored to your personal needs and concerns, and to do so as quickly as I can! Much love, and I look forward to working with you!

Release the Past Video Reading (30 mins)

$50 0001 (69)

Release the Past Skype Reading (30 mins)

$50 0001 (69)

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