2020 Snapshot Reading


The 2020 Snapshot Reading gives you insight into six key areas–business/career, family, relationships, self-love/self-care, spiritual development, health and wellness. I’ll draw both a tarot card and an oracle card for each of the six areas and work my intuitive cardslinging magick. You can choose to provide me with specific details for each of the six areas or you can opt for a general reading if you’d like a more mystical experience. If you’re looking for a general forecast of the energies you’ll meet in 2019, this is the reading for you!

If you’d like a more personalized reading, please send a paragraph or two including the above information¬† to jessi@jessihuntenburg.com following your purchase. Please allow two weeks for inbox delivery–this time of year can be really busy! Much love, and I look forward to working with you!

2020 Snapshot Audio Reading (30 minutes)

$500001 (69)

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