My Magickal Practice

Entry by Twilight Star

On a weekly basis, every Monday, I pull several cards to gain better reflection upon the week.  I must give credit to Benebell Wen* for the basis of my spread; however, I have adjusted a bit, to develop the information further.  I’d invite everyone to adjust theirs, as to what feels, and works effectively, for you. 

  1. I use the same deck every week.  After a double-knock on the desk to clear any negative energy, I give the deck a good shuffle.  Then I cut the deck three times (two stacks, then cut the first stack in half again, and re-group the cards; done three times for the sanctity of the number 3)
  2. Questions, in order:
    1. Spirit Most Present This Week
    1. Highest Interest for Week
    1. Mindful and Prepare For, This Week

Please note that it is not my intent to steer away from Jessi’s work; this is simply the system that I utilize, and out of transparency of practice, I feel that it is important to share resources.  Both Jessi and Benebell have been instrumental in my practice methods.