My Magickal Practice

Entry by Twilight Star

On a weekly basis, every Monday, I pull several cards to gain better reflection upon the week.  I must give credit to Benebell Wen* for the basis of my spread; however, I have adjusted a bit, to develop the information further.  Iโ€™d invite everyone to adjust theirs, as to what feels, and works effectively, for you. 

  1. I use the same deck every week.ย  After a double-knock on the desk to clear any negative energy, I give the deck a good shuffle.ย  Then I cut the deck three times (two stacks, then cut the first stack in half again, and re-group the cards; done three times for the sanctity of the number 3)
  2. Questions, in order:
    1. Spirit Most Present This Week
    1. Highest Interest for Week
    1. Mindful and Prepare For, This Week

Please note that it is not my intent to steer away from Jessiโ€™s work; this is simply the system that I utilize, and out of transparency of practice, I feel that it is important to share resources.ย  Both Jessi and Benebell have been instrumental in my practice methods.ย