Who it’s for: new witches and seasoned witches looking to brush up on fundamentals

What it teaches: soul-resonant intention setting, mindful selection of magickal materials, the role of belief in spellcasting, and how to become a walking spell. 

Why you should take it: because it teaches you how spellcraft works so you can cast spells that actually work. It’s basically everything you need to know to craft effective magick, especially if you’re just starting out.


Who it’s for: witches and mystics who want to align their manifestation practice with the phases of the moon 

What it teaches: dark moon meditation + reflection, new moon tarot reading + intention-setting, how to craft a manifestation mood board with the new moon, approaches to glamour magick, support for moving in the direction of your dreams, and release reflection + journaling. 

Why you should take it: because you can literally repeat the process every lunar cycle for the rest of your life, and it supports your conscious growth as a spiritual being.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed your Lunar Alchemy course, and I recommend it whole-heartedly to anyone who is interested! You designed the course to be very flexible to the spiritual needs of the participant, as well as incorporated so much of your personal experience. Thank you for your vulnerability and guidance.”



Who it’s for: parents who’d like to introduce their little ones to witchcraft + mindfulness practices.  

What it teaches: how to cast spells as a family, altar craft for kids, communicating with little ones through personified deity, three magickal yoga flows for parents and children and how to nurture your children’s spiritual journey without indoctrinating them into any particular belief system. 

Why you should take it: because it introduces your kids to the best parts of witchcraft spirituality while giving them space to grow as spiritual beings. 


Who it’s for: anyone who’s looking to let go of anger and fear and to reconnect with their genius, their spirit, and their heart. 

What it teaches: the mindful selection of media that nurtures, enriches, and uplifts, how to channel the personal genius, approaches for tapping into the moment and paying attention to your immediate surroundings, and advice for living in integrity. 

Why you should take it: this course guides you on a journey of reconnection and gives you permission to live your life, and not the life that others would have you live.


This is a collection of the best spells + rituals created for the Mind Witch Coven in the past three years. You may purchase them separately, or purchase them as a bundle to receive nearly 50% OFF!

The courses in this collection include:

spell bound


Poetry Magick

The Magick of Receiving

Money Magick

Who it’s for: witches who want to explore specific spellcasting approaches and techniques.

What it teaches: intuitive + traditional ways of casting sigils, three types of poetry spells, money magick that invites abundance while healing money shadows, and rituals + spells that create space for what’s being asked for to be received.

Why you should take it: many of the spells that can be found in books and on the internet completely lack explanation or context, making it difficult to understand why we’re casting them the way we are and how they’re meant to serve us. The spells + ritual work in this collection are supported by explanations, insight, and practical applications–you’ll actually find clarity and focus through working with them!