Lesson Three: Trusting Intuitive Hits


Trusting Intuitive Hits: Exercises

Exercise One: Rock It!

For this exercise, I’m going to ask you to sit and meditate with a crystal of your choosing. I strongly recommend sitting with a crystal that you recently acquired or one that you’ve never quite connected with naturally. The goal here is to bring a concerted amount of attention to a specific object and observe what happens when that attention is effectively sustained. Even if this is a practice you’ve done in the past, try working through it in conjunction with the prompts offered here. Who knows – you may discover something new!

🌿 Set a side time in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. If it’s within your practice to do so, sit at your altar, light some incense, light a candle, and create sacred space. Sitting across like a seat. This should be comfortable and if it isn’t, find a way to sit they give you good back posture while simultaneously providing comfort.

🌿 Cradle the crystal in a loosely held fist. If you’d like, you can wrap your other hand around your fist to create a closed circuit.

🌿 Breathe deeply through your nose and feel your diaphragm expand. Close your eyes. Direct intense focus and energy towards the crystal by imagining brilliant white light traveling from every part of your body to the crystal itself.

🌿 Once you feel that you’ve focused as intensely as you can, exhale and release your focus. Feel the release course through your body and feel where it “lands.” Make note of where your energy lands in your body so you can explore correspondences later.

🌿 When you feel as if your bonding session is complete, consider the following questions:

🌿 How did this process make you feel? Where in your body did you experience the strongest feelings? Do you feel as if you have a relationship with this crystal, and if so, why?

Exercise Two: Honor Synchronicities

Synchronicity is the appearance of a pattern, symbol, or phenomena that holds special significance and conveys an important message. For example, the cawing of a crows is an indication for me to stop and consider what I’m thinking or doing at that specific moment and regard it as confirmation, affirmation, or prophecy.

At their best, synchronicity is provide us with a burst of insight that helps and former actions and decisions. At the very least, incorporating the synchronistic experience into daily life trains us to pay attention and to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary – a skill that translates incredibly well when it comes to reading tarot intuitively.

🌿 Begin paying attention to random triple mentions of a topic, object, or idea throughout the course of a day or week. An easy way to approach this is by noticing or bringing conscious attention to something that instantly resonates with you. Keep a pocket journal handy to keep track of these occurrences, and put a check mark next to each one when it appears again.

The more you do this, the more prevalent a role synchronicity will play in your experience. It’s truly magical, and I encourage you to give it a try!

Exercise Three: Pick A Card, Any Card

This is by far my favorite Intuition building exercise! All you need is a tarot deck, a burning question, and the ability to suspend disbelief and surrender to the magic of the moment.

🌿 Shuffle your tarot cards and found them out onto a flat surface. You can even scramble them so they point in all directions and cover the entire surface of your table!

🌿 Hold a burning question in your mind. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a yes or no question, or a self reflective question. As long as it’s the truth that your heart desires, you’re good to go!

🌿 Close your eyes and hover whichever hand feels right over your cards palm facing down allow yourself to feel the energy vibrating between your hand and your cards. Allow your hand to move in the desired direction as if it were a spirit board planchette. Keep repeating and focusing on your question the entire time.

🌿 When you feel that the right card is directly beneath your hand, pick it up and turn it over. Open your eyes. Record your reaction and interpretation in your notebook.


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