Custom Tarot reading

My books are currently open for custom readings, Beauty!

Here’s how it works:

1. You purchase a Custom Tarot Reading using one of the payment options below.

2. You send a paragraph or two detailing what you’d like your reading to focus on to

3. I craft a custom spread using the information you send me as my guide. Spreads are usually six cards, but may be slightly more or less depending.

4. Within the month of your purchase, I’ll send an email with a link to your 30-minute video reading to the address you used to send your details.

There are a limited number of readings available, and once they’re purchased, my books will be closed until the next calendar month.

So much love, and I can’t wait to work with you!

The reading I received has been the most insightful reading I’ve had. So much was touched on that I was brought to tears and I was totally blown away. It was as if Jessi pulled a page from the book of my soul and let me know the things I really needed to hear and focus on. I can’t say enough praise for her.

MW, client

Custom Tarot Reading