Art Witchery with Molly Roberts What do you get when you take a Mind Witch and an Art Witch and put them in a Zoom room together? Episode # 2 of the Mind Witch Exploration Hour, of course! This week, I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with the whimsical Molly Roberts about sacred creativity, witchcraft, and the power … Continue reading Art Witchery with Molly Roberts

Fear + Bravery with Joanna Devoe Welcome back, my Fantabulous Beauty! I'm really excited to dive right in and share my newest magickal offering with you. Introducing… The Mind Witch Exploration Hour! This spanking new series features far out chats with far out people, and my first conversation partner is none other than Mind Witch OG Joanna Devoe! In this … Continue reading Fear + Bravery with Joanna Devoe

Cosmic Current Podcast Interview

Hello, Beauties! I've recently had the pleasure of chatting with Rose from The Cosmic Current,'s podcast. I share the basics of beginning a craft practice as well as what I feel magick is, how I came to it, and how one might use it to navigate shifts and changes. It was amazing to share … Continue reading Cosmic Current Podcast Interview