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The Witches Guide to Eclipse Magick

The summer eclipse season is here, and that means it’s time to do some magick!

Yes–eclipse energy is chaotic and unpredictable. It’s wild and unreasonable. It doesn’t always “play nice.” However, it’s deeply transformative and incredibly powerful, and a spell or two can go a long way during this lunation.

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipses take place during the full moon, and they tend to manifest as “full moons on steroids”—they’re more intense, more emotional, more volatile, and more powerful than their common counterparts.

When preparing to work with a lunar eclipse, it’s a good idea to pull out your grimoire, journal, or book of shadows and reflect on where you were six months ago. What’s changed? What have you learned? What have you shifted? If it resonates, you can pull some tarot or oracle cards using the following spread:

What is this eclipse cycle bringing an end to?

What is this eclipse cycle paving the way for?

What will be discovered, achieved, or concluded by next eclipse cycle?

Now that you’re aware of what’s ending, it’s time to prepare for release. The full moon is a time where our efforts and our energy merges with the universal current–it’s time to let go and let goddess. You can…

~Speak/write words of release and burn them in a sacred flame

~Ask a deity to help you integrate the shift you’ve moved through 

~Create a safe, sacred space to rest and reflect in

~Say a prayer to heal the world and bring about swift and lasting change for the good of all so mote it be

Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipses take place during the new moon, and the regenerative, “clean slate” energy of this phase is amplified. A solar eclipse provides a great opportunity for you to commit to a new way of being, a new way of moving through the world.

It’s good to think about the macro when it comes to solar eclipse intentions—less “please universe, give me a new car” and more “please universe, heal my money shadows so I can become a custodian of wealth and abundance.” Why? The rapid changes that happen within and without us during eclipse season cause us to question our very foundations.  We know that change is happening, but we might not know how it’s going to manifest, so it’s better to invite the energy of the change than to speak a goal that we’re not certain is soul resonant.

Light some candles, cradle your favorite crystals, get into ritual mindset, and speak your shift to the universe! Let its weight and influence vibrate through your entire being and welcome transformation on a cellular level. Change begins through commitment, and words are magick–may this eclipse season transform you!

xoxo Jessi

P.S. Lunar Alchemy, the 28-day e-course that helps you create and heal with the phases of the moon, is live! This course lovingly guides you through the work of each phase, engineering a powerful and lasting transformation. The best part? You can take the Lunar Alchemy journey every month for the rest of your life–the process works for every lunation, regardless of season or sign! 


Cosmic Current Podcast Interview

Hello, Beauties! I’ve recently had the pleasure of chatting with Rose from The Cosmic Current,’s podcast. I share the basics of beginning a craft practice as well as what I feel magick is, how I came to it, and how one might use it to navigate shifts and changes. It was amazing to share my thoughts with an audience who’s new to the craft. I hope I represented us well, witches!


And now a question for you to roll with: what do YOU think magick is? How have you been using it to navigate things?


You can celebrate the dawning of Spring even if you’re stuck indoors, and I’m going to show you how!

Get Crafty and Dye Some Eggs

I did this with my daughter yesterday, and it was so uplifting and fun!

1. Hard boil eggs: place eggs in a pot, fill with cold water so eggs are fully submerged, place a lid on the pot and bring to a boil, remove from flame and let sit for 12 minutes.

2. Mix up some dye: Boil water. Pour 1/2 cup of boiled water in a bowl or mason jar along with a teaspoon of white vinegar and 10-20 drops of food coloring.

3. Dye the eggs: use some tongs to place eggs into jars/bowls, then remove and dry!

Get Dressed Up and Have a Springtime Photo Sesh

Put glitter on your face. Put color in your hair. Wear florals and pearls and rock this thing Grey Gardens-style–just ’cause you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean you can’t keep it classy af.

Get Your Garden Ready

If you’re not on total lockdown, you can pop outside and turn up your soil. Order seeds online. Get your compost delivered to your house and add it to the soil. Plant new seeds and connect with the cycle of rebirth. If you’ve never planted a garden, it’s a good time to start–those who grow fresh veggies have access to fresh veggies.

Hang Out at the Altar 

Yesterday, Esotre and I hung out on the astral. We jumped on a broom and scattered abundance all over the world. A vivid imagination is a boon in times of isolation, and the more you exercise these muscles, the easier it is to retreat into the vast, boundless landscape of the mind. As the Beatles say, “Without going out of your door, you can know all things on Earth. Without looking out of your window, you can know the ways of heaven. The farther one travels, the less one knows.”

Scrub Down Your Domicile 

Spring cleaning is a thing, and in the time of Coronavirus, it’s a potentially life-saving thing. Clean out your closets. Take stock of your resources. Up-cycle old clothes. Use everything you have–“waste not, want not.”

This is a frightening and uncertain time indeed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find joy in the little things. Take care of yourself. Take care of each other. Connect with your magick. Have fun so you can get through the rough times. 

I believe in us, Beauty.

xoxo Jessi

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Given the stress, anxiety, and concern over the spread of coronavirus, the Wise Ones Coven has agreed to share this exclusive guided meditation in service of the community. If you’re feeling frightened and uneasy, listen to this meditation to return to center.

So much love to each and every one of you. Let’s take care of ourselves so we can take care of each other!

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5 Mistakes All Witches Make (And How To Avoid Them)

The second time I cast a major money spell, it completely backfired.

Don’t get me wrong–I got the job and I got the raise (money magick is no joke, Beauties). However, it came at the expense of my comfort and sanity, and when all was said and done, it hardly seemed worth it. Five years and oodles of spells later, it’s clear to me where I bungled things up, and I’m here to share what I’ve learned so you can avoid the same blunders and oversights!

Avoid “Manic Manifesting”

Ever cast a spell from a space of complete and utter desperation? It sounds a little something like this: “To whomever or whatever’s floating out there in the cosmic consciousness: I will sacrifice literally ANYTHING if you give me A. Please, PLEASE give this thing to me. IF I CAN’T HAVE IT, I’LL DIE.”

This is pretty much how I cast my money spell, and the universe was like you asked for it and gave me job where I’d have to drive through rush hour traffic every single day. The stress that commute caused was absolute hell, and if I’d known better, I would have included some sort of post-script that said “only if it makes my life better, not worse.” Which leads me to my next tip…

Don’t Cast Spells Without adding “In the Highest Good Of All”

Or “with the best possible results” or some other such statement that takes unknown consequences into account. On the “woo” level, this lets the universe know that you aren’t willing to sacrifice something better for this outcome, and on the practical level, it programs you to keep your options open and make self-loving, soul-resonant decisions.

If You Don’t Know What You Want, Don’t Cast a Spell

I know this sounds obvious, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cast spells for things I thought I wanted, but didn’t actually want (hint: if you’re feeling anxious as opposed to confident when you’re casting a spell, chances are you’re not in alignment with what you’re asking for).The way to avoid this pitfall is to search yourself and generate soul-resonant intentions, a process I teach in Spell Bound: Get What You Want With Magick That Works.

Don’t Use Materials You Don’t Give a Fig About

Does that spell you found on the internet have a list of herbs you’ve never heard of? Do you keep crafting sigils when they don’t really move or interest you? Is your altar filled with items that hold zero personal significance, but are appropriately “witchy”? If you’re using materials that don’t resonate, you’re robbing your spells of potency and efficacy. (Want to generate a list of tools that light your soul on fire? I teach this in the course too.)

Don’t Doubt Yourself

Wanna know what takes the air out of a spell faster than anything else? The belief that what you’re about to do won’t work. If you know in your bones that magick is malarkey and there’s no way that it can benefit you, you’ve created a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you come to your altar with an open heart and and open mind, however, infinite possibilities open before you.

Much Love,

Jessi, the Mind Witch Mama

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Hello, Wise One! I’m Jessi.

I’m the ritual-crafting, card-reading, mindshifting maven who’s here to help you conjure what’s best and brightest in your soul.

4 Ways to Cast Spells That Work Every Time

In my six years as a spell-crafting witch, I’ve learned that there are four elements we must nurture and consider to craft powerful magick that works. With consideration, practice, and planning, you can harness these elements to create a thriving and rewarding magickal practice.


Structure is the bones of a spell, the solid foundation that we weave our workings around. One of the most classic spell structures is as follows:

  • Set an intention
  • Charge the intention
  • Activate the intention
  • Ground

This structure is the gold standard for a number of reasons, but one of the most obvious is its fluid manipulation of energy (a slow build from intention through activation, and a steady decline from activation through grounding). Likewise, it includes everything you need for a spell to make sense and achieve its directive. Without a structure like this, you run the risk of casting a spell with no purpose or aim, and without these, our energy can’t really go anywhere.

Structure can also help us prepare the spell we’re looking to cast. Before I cast my spells, I determine the process, correspondences, and materials I plan to use as well as schedule the time I need to prepare. Spells often feel more powerful or potent when done in conjunction with seasons, planetary placements, and moon phases. Likewise, a few thoughtful choices in the way of materials can bring life, beauty, and vitality to the spells you cast.


As long as you have a powerful will and a pure heart, you have everything you need to cast a potent spell. However, tools and materials can help focus your attention and create a fertile environment for your imagination. I like to incorporate materials that have relevant correspondences and personal significance, and a unique addition here and there can help you differentiate one spell from the next.

Here’s the rub: choosing and gathering materials takes time. Even if you’re not planning on purchasing anything new, you may have to craft a candle or infuse an oil or rearrange some ephemera on your altar space. The attention you pay to selecting and preparing your materials also has the added bonus of encouraging you to focus on you craft and intention, and focus is the element that helps your spell take flight.


Focus is the lifeblood of a spell—it’s what alchemizes its constituent parts to create a glorious magickal phenomena. The extent to which we focus determines how deeply the spell penetrates and inspires us.

Focus requires the elimination of distractions, and good planning can ensure that we arrive at the altar at a time when the outside world is less likely to beckon. Have you ever sat down to spell craft only to remember that there were clothes in the laundry? That the rent needed to be paid? That the kids were coming home early from school or you’d promised your sister that you’d meet her for a drink? Planning is everything when it comes to eliminating these conflicts. With a little forethought, you can create a space where you can be truly present.


I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but consistency is key to developing a fulfilling and rewarding magickal practice. The more you cast spells, the better you become at casting spells. The more you learn about timing and correspondences, the easier it is to develop a magickal “schedule.” The more you show up at the altar, the stronger you’re connected to your practice, and when you’re connected to your practice, your petitions go precisely where they need to go.

There are definitely moments when spirit moves us to to get magickal, and we’re well served by seizing the moment as it meets us. To be truly effective spell casters, however, we have to show up often and be prepared when we do. The power of planning can help us make the most of our magickal moments and ensure that they come more often, and when our practice is magickal, our lives are magickal!


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Sunglasses for Psychic Protection

When I challenge myself to move through the world in bold and uncomfortable ways, I wear shades.

My sunglasses of choice are aviators. Their highly reflective surface means that others can’t see into “the windows to my soul” and use whatever they find there to exploit me. Likewise, the lenses block whatever BS others may care to send my way and as long as I have this barrier up, I’m cool.

I consider myself to be a highly empathic person–I absorb others’ emotions if I don’t have protective measures in place. Woo as it is, my lived experience tells me that my aviators create a necessary barrier that makes it easier for me to hold to the integrity of my own feelings and emotions when I’m out in public. This defense is especially handy when I’m taking a risk–I’m able to follow through because I’m not being halted or distracted by outside responses. When I’m wearing my shades, I’m much less likely to be influenced by the thoughts and opinions of others. 

Some other things I do to psychically protect myself: hang evil eyes in my altar space and at the entrance of my home to repel envious gazes, scatter pinecones throughout my apartment, block nasty folks from access to my online spaces, avoid situations that threaten my physical or mental safety, and create strong boundaries in my magick and my relationships.

Do you ever use sunglasses for psychic protection? What magick do you use to protect yourself? How do you insure that others’ crap doesn’t come between you and living your dreams? Comment below to let us know!

May Your Protective Work Be Strong, Beauties!

xoxo Jessi

Confessions of a Bad Witch

My name is Jessi, and I am a flawed witch.

I don’t always practice on the Sabbats and esbats. I don’t always despose of my spells properly (read: I throw them out or leave them in the eves of my porch for literal years). I don’t have all of the latest tarot decks nor do I have an amethyst the size of my head (but if the cosmos wanted to provide that hermaion, I certainly wouldn’t pass it up). I don’t like fake nails and my hair is blonde and some days I prefer a lay in the grass to a chant at the altar.

My practice has never looked quite like traditional witchcraft, nor does it match the aesthetic and astrological interests of much modern witchcraft either.

It is and always has been blissfully my own thing, taking me the places I want to go in a time frame that works for me. My guides visit me in the guises I need and desire, and I roll around this world with magick in my soul no matter where I’m going or what I’m doing.


Ain’t none of us perfect, after all!

What you do is beautiful and glorious in its own right, even if you only practice once a week. Even if your morning ritual is a quick nod to the goddess before you go your merry way. The world is a phenomenal playground for us to bop around in, and the celestial realm is the same. Be who you be imperfectly.

I compiled these confessions to let you know that yes–a professional witch and tarot reader has a less than perfect practice. But by goddess, it’s mine, and I love it.

May you love your blissfully imperfect practice as much as I love mine.


High Magick, Low Magick, and Everything in Between

There’s a subtle but recognizable tension between practitioners of high magick and low magick.

Those in the high magick camp strut about with a superior air, looking down on those in the low magick camp as backwards and overly-superstitious. Those in the low magick camp shrug off this condescension–they’re perfectly happy performing spells that work (thank you very much) and if the high magickal practitioners want to throw shade, let them.

As for myself, I’ve always fallen somewhere in between. I love the pomp and circumstance of a good ritual, but I’m also just as keen to try my luck at a candle manifestation spell. In my practice, the two go together like peanut butter and jelly, and I actually find that when paired, they create results that are more potent and penetrating than when I perform either alone!

This week’s video explores the difference between these two approaches and offers an invitation to practice both in equal measure. Why choose one when you can have it all? Why limit yourself (and your results)? Let’s unite these formidable approaches and create some serious magick!

Much Love,

How to Stay Committed to Daily Spiritual Practice

Crafting a daily spiritual practice is one thing. Staying committed to that daily practice is another.

If you’re anything like me and every person I know, you have the best intentions when it comes to making self-loving changes in your daily habits. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to develop a daily spiritual/affirmational routine, and despite knowing this, so few of us actually find ourselves consistently showing up to engage in our self-care ritual du jour.

It doesn’t have to be this way, Beauties. You deserve your daily spiritual practice. And if you’re willing to think outside the box and hold yourself accountable, transformative daily moments can be yours.


Get out your planner, journal, digital scheduler et. al. and reserve a spot for spiritual practice every day. It may seem totally unnecessary, but I assure you, it’s not.

When we write things down in our planner, we create a visual representation of our intentions. Call me crazy, but planning something is a lot like writing a spell–if you put it out there, you program yourself to go after it.


Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Got up late? Straight-up didn’t feel like it? There’s no reason to throw the baby out with the bath water. Take a mindful moment during your lunch break or reserve ten minutes before you go to bed to chat with your guides.

You don’t have to do the same thing at the same time every day to get the benefits of spiritual practice; you only have to find a small chunk of time to check in and adjust your mindset. Speaking of variety…


If you feel like you’re going through the motions, your mantra’s outdated, or you’re flat-out uninspired, change things up to get the spark back. Novelty is proven to ignite our curiosity and get us excited again, and there’s no reason why we can’t apply that mentality to what we do on the daily.

And finally…


Keep a record of your spiritual escapades in the form of a book of mirrors or spiritual journal. This can help you process the messages you received, take stock of what works (and what doesn’t), and remember what you worked through. I’ve found my book of mirrors to be an incredible resource on my spiritual journey–whenever I feel a bit “bleh” about my practice, I flip through and find something interesting to try again or improve on.

Much Love, and Happy Witching!


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