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10 Ways to Celebrate Yule and the Winter Solstice

With summer far behind us and the shortest day of the year fast upon us, it’s time to explore 10 ways to celebrate yule and the winter solstice with these rituals, spells, crafts, and practices!

These are my “go-to” activies for the winter solstice, and they never fail to lift my spirits and inspire my gratitude for the abundant power of the sun. Feel free to do any or all–whichever resonates with your glorious Genius, Beauty!

Watch the Sun Rise

Begin your solstice celebration with a sunrise walk in your favorite natural place. Since this is the shortest day of the year, it should be easier than usual to get up, get out, and greet the day! I like to bring my headphones and listen to a moving piece of music while hiking through the arboretum near my home. The early morning light hits the trees in such a breath-taking way that it lets me truly appreciate the abundance that the sun makes possible.

Read Myths About the Sun’s Return

The winter solstice has long been celebrated cross-culturally, and many primitive or ancient myths reflect this. Some of my favorites are “Raven Steals the Light,” “Loki and the Death of the Light,” and “La Befana and the Royal Child of Light.” All three of these are included in Return of the Light, a Solstice Anthology by Carolyn McVicar Edwards.

12 Day Yule Candle

In Nordic and British tradition, it’s customary to choose a large, dense log to burn on the longest night of the year both for protection and good luck. If you have a fire place or pit and are willing to keep watch all solstice, by all means–light a yule log! If you’re looking for something a little more manageable, consider dedicating and consecrating a pillar candle as your “Yule Candle,” and light it each day from Christmas through the epiphany (December 25th–January 6th). Each time you light it, offer an intention of luck, prosperity, and illumination.

Craft a Solar Appreciation Spell

As part of our Mind Witch Coven ritual, we’re crafting a spell of appreciation that honors what we’re grateful for as well as the brilliance and grace of the sun. Ours incorporates a metal ring, copious metallic ribbons, and a journalling exercise, but you may simply draw a sun on a large piece of paper and list what you appreciate in its center (each month, the Mind Witch Coven receives a ritual guide and video tutorial that reflects a carefully chosen theme. Learn more about the Mind Witch Coven).

Make a Yule Wreath

Wreaths symbolize the cyclical nature of life and, in the yule tradition, a green promise of the spring that follows the lean months of winter. You may cut long vine branches and weave them into a circular shape, then insert pine boughs between the vines to craft your wreath. Feel free to decorate with holly and ribbon and hang on your door as a symbol of togetherness and a promise of abundant times ahead.

Create Intentions for the New Year

Although many wait until January 1st to formally declare resolutions, late December is the perfect time to begin considering what you want to shift, grow, or create in the coming year. If your practice honors the five elements, you may want to consider how your intentions correspond to them so you may create and sustain balance in your endeavors during the coming year. Each December, I work with the Elemental Sigil Craft lesson in the Mind Witch Academy to transform these intentions into sigils I can use and refer to in my workings throughout the year, and I’ve found it to be far more effective than following through with a new year’s resolution!

Craft a Yule Altar

The winter solstice is a perfect time to refresh your sacred space! You may clean your magickal tools with consecrated water, remove any items that correspond with autumn or Samhain and add garland, pine cones, holly, or even fairy lights! My winter altar tends to be much more spartan than my summer and autumn altar, and the color scheme is a lot cooler too!

Be Generous to Others

Amidst the mad, consumerist dash of the season, it’s easy to forget the true purpose of gift-giving: the strengthening of relationships through generosity. Rather than go broke trying to get the flashiest gift, consider more authentic acts of generosity: watching children for busy parents, taking out the garbage for a sick neighbor, donating to clothing drives, and charities, and even volunteering at a soup kitchen. Believe me: it feels much better than shopping.

Be Generous to Yourself

In the midst of all the holiday prep and hullabaloo, it’s easy to become stressed and fatigued. Remember to pepper the month with conscious acts of self-care so you can actually enjoy the holiday with your loved ones. If you’re looking for a way to give yourself a little love, download the FREE Serve Yourself Ritual Guide.

Watch the Sun Set

To finish your yule festivities, pick a fine spot to watch the sun set on the shortest day of the year. Let your thoughts wander towards renewal, hope, compassion, and light–though the days may grow colder, the light will grow longer, and before long, the world will be abundant and fertile once more.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate yule? Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love,

Mind Witch Mama

Why I Became a Witch (the Answer Might Surprise You!)

Following a blissful, spontaneous moment of cosmic union last August, it became clear to me that I don’t really need ritual or spellcraft to have transcendent spiritual experiences.

This makes sense–I’m a Mind Witch. My magick, though it incorporates many of the trappings of witchcraft, places far more emphasis on shifting consciousness than it does on the properties of physical objects. Some of the most powerful magick I’ve done hasn’t taken place at my altar; rather, an off-the-cuff declaration of a genuine desire has been enough to deliver some pretty amazing things to my doorstep.

Given this, I could essentially drop the language and materials of craft and begin referring to myself as “spiritual.” I could practice the way I always have, but without the stigma or risk.

It was tempting for a moment, Beauties. Constantly concealing the truth with euphemisms is tiring at best, and soul-crushing at worst. When a fellow parent asks you what you do for a living, it’s kind of hard to say “magick and witchcraft” and leave it at that. Each casual conversation suddenly becomes awkward and strained, because even the most well-meaning can’t hide an expression that wordlessly says “that’s literally the last thing I expected you to say.”

But there’s a major reason why I’m not turning away from witchcraft anytime soon, and it’s this: being a witch is way too much fun.

I don’t need tarot cards to access my deep inner knowing, but I really enjoy reading them. I don’t need candle spells to align with a particular desire, but I love casting them! And maybe I don’t need relationships with personified deities, but they add so much richness and clarity to my life that I’d be a fool to give them up. The grimoires, the altars, the incantations–they’re all an expression of my Genius and of a creative practice that brings me such joy and delight!

During the past year, the teachings of Alan Watts have had a profound effect on me. Watts was a self-professed spiritual entertainer who gave lectures on Zen, Taoist, and Buddhist thought to Western audiences. Towards the end of his “Give Away Control and You Will Have It” lecture, he shares this:

“Go into one of these Buddhist temples along with all the faithful followers and have a ball. Buy a candle, buy some incense, go in and dig this great thing going on, but don’t take it seriously. When the priests laugh at the altars because they’re having such fun because this whole scene is so beautiful, it’s the difference between some stuffy old priest humming a sutra and Alan Ginsberg chanting a sutra–it’s like a jam session where everyone is absolutely delighted. That’s the way to do it, and if you can’t do it that way, forget it.”

I’ve been drawn to many spiritual paths in my 37 years of life, but I chose to practice witchcraft because I knew I could have the most fun by doing it. My magick heals me, reveals me, inspires me, and empowers me, but so could a variety of traditions and religions. Witchcraft, however, fills my world with wonderment and possibility and invites my creative spirit to come out and play in a way that nothing else has.

When I’m taking my life far too seriously, I carve a sigil in a candle, rub some cinnamon into it, and light it up. I’m instantly excited, delighted, intuitive, and turned on. Call it magick, call it the placebo effect, call it whatever you like–it’s a blast to explore and experiment with, and I’m not going to stop any time soon.

xoxo Jessi, the Mind Witch Mama

Art Witchery with Molly Roberts

What do you get when you take a Mind Witch and an Art Witch and put them in a Zoom room together?

Episode # 2 of the Mind Witch Exploration Hour, of course!

This week, I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with the whimsical Molly Roberts about sacred creativity, witchcraft, and the power of making art.

Grab a cuppa and a paint brush and come hang with us!

Molly’s unleashing all sorts of magick in her witchy realm (oracle deck, grimoire tutorials, another exciting thing that’s coming out later this year that I can’t chat about yet), and you’re absolutely going to want to be there to receive it all!

Join Molly on Patreon:

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Mabon Altar Tour + Autumn Invocation

The Autumnal Equinox has nearly arrived my dear, and you know what that means:

The Season of the Witch is upon us.

Every October, I completely witch out my Mind Witch Coven offerings to celebrate the return of the darkness. There are spells and rituals and witchy Q + A’s and magickal chatter, and it’s an awesome way to reconnect with craft after a hot, busy summer.

For three years running, I’ve crafted a Samhain altar tour as part of the Season of the Witch, but this year, I’m doing something a little different: a Mabon Altar Tour! I really wanted to welcome the fall in high fashion, so I revamped my sacred space, flipped on the camera, and made you a feast for your ears and your eyes.

A few years back, I wrote an invocation for autumn that I still use to welcome my favorite season. If you’re looking for a way to connect with the Sabbat, feel free to recite it in your own glorious sacred space!

Invocation of the Autumn

I welcome receptivity.

The ethereal.

The seen and unseen.

I open myself to the mystery beyond,

to what I can barely perceive at the edge of my senses,

but what I know in my heart exists.

I open myself to magic.

To what I can’t name or know.

To what moves within and without me and unites me to everything else that is.

I give myself permission to move in stillness.

I allow myself to wander the earth at a pace that agrees with me.

I feel no pressure from the powers that be to be anything other than what I am.

I move, and I am moved.

I feel the earth falling into stillness.

I see the leaves drifting, dying.

I watch the world turn from green to red to brown,

I listen to the growing silence, wild life turning in and I agree.

I honor the passing within me and without me.

I think on it so I will not be afraid.

I welcome the dark half of the year,

the deep reflection and wisdom.

I move with the world and it moves with me.

Much Love + Happy Mabon, Dear!

xoxo Jessi, the Mind Witch Mama

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Fear + Bravery with Joanna Devoe

Welcome back, my Fantabulous Beauty! I’m really excited to dive right in and share my newest magickal offering with you. Introducing…

The Mind Witch Exploration Hour!

This spanking new series features far out chats with far out people, and my first conversation partner is none other than Mind Witch OG Joanna Devoe! In this episode, we talk about fear, bravery, and the importance of standing up to what terrifies us so we can live the life of our dreams.

Intrigued? Grab a cuppa and dive into The Mind Witch Exploration Hour:  Never Let Fear Stop You With Joanna Devoe.

Since I know you’re going to want to gobble up everything that Joanna has created (her wisdom is vast and her vibe is the BEST), allow me to direct you towards all of the goodness she has to offer:

Download the FREE e-book: “Hippie Witch: Peace, Love, and all That Good S***”

Listen to an episode of the Hippie Witch Podcast

Listen to Joanna’s “The Brave” podcast collection by becoming a patron 

So Much Love  + Be Brave, Beauties!

Jessi, The Mind Witch Mama

Mind Witch’s Guide: Question Everything

I’ve been brewing up a lot of thoughts in the Mind Witch Mama lab this summer, and one that simply can’t wait for a grander form of expression is this:

Don’t blindly believe anything that myself or anyone else says. Take the time to consider and question what you read and hear so you can come to your own conclusions.

Your deep inner knowing lets you know when something’s spot on or amiss, and your logic helps filter out what simply doesn’t add up. So when you hear an idea that inspires a powerful response in you, take the time to ask, “Is this true? Do I believe this? Does this reflect my personal experience? What do I think and feel about this?”

Mind Witches think critically, dear. We don’t allow ourselves to be spoon-fed information, nor do we allow ourselves to declare that something is true with a capital “T” without a great deal of experience, research, and consideration. We understand that we’re often doing the best we can with the information that we have available, and that what we don’t know is a limitless mountain that towers over the humble anthill of our own understanding.

Even then, we recognize that what’s True for us often isn’t True for others. We also hold space for our True to change as we learn and grow and evolve, because we realize that we don’t have all the answers. Regardless of how you feel about him, Aleister Crowley sums this up well in Magical and Philosophical Commentaries on the Book of the Law:

“It is the mark of the mind untrained to take its own processes as valid for all men, and its own judgments for absolute truth.”

There’s been a lot of talk about the relevance of a liberal arts education for as long as I’ve been alive, and there’s more recent talk about the relevance of a university education full stop. Do I believe that universities have become bloated institutions that overcharge students and underpay faculty? Absolutely. However, many share one chief characteristic that I believe to be essential to a healthy society, and that’s this:

They teach you how to question. They teach you how to think critically. They teach you to value your own noodle and, if they’re doing it right, they hold space for you to apply it as a tool for reasoning and exploration.

When I first landed on the scene, my Instagram profile read: “consciousness liberation advocate.” I doubt I’ve ever lived up to that title, but I included it as a magickal intention that I hoped to fulfill. As of last week, I stepped back from that very platform because, like most social media, it seeks to monopolize your consciousness so it can keep you scrolling and feed you what it wants you to eat.

What are you eating, Beauty? Is it filling you? Is it nourishing you? Is it giving you what you need to grow and create and thrive? If not, it might be time to consider some alternatives.

Before I go, I want to reiterate the message of this missive: question everything. Know that you do not know. Value yourself enough to consult your mind and see what it thinks.

Much Love,

Mind Witch Mama

If you’d like to add your thoughts to this discussion, feel free to comment!

Explore the intersection of magick + mind through these FREE downloadable journal questions. If you’re ready to bravely tackle life’s big questions, this collection is for you!


How to give and receive unconditional love

“If you wish for the light, make yourself ready to receive the light.”

~ Rumi

I grew up in an environment where the tension between love and fear was so strong it could split a room in two. My parents loved me very much, but their fear of something bad happening to me was just as great. Naturally, they did everything they could to protect me from the dangers of the world and to make sure I studied hard and made good grades.

I soon learned that if I wanted their affection and goodwill, I should be cautious, restrained, high-achieving, and amenable. For a very long time, I was mostly all of these things; there were times when the house of cards came crumbling down, but I mainly stuck to the script. Honestly, it served me well in a lot of ways: it kept me out of trouble, in the top ten percent of my class, and it opened the door to many opportunities I genuinely desired.

An unintended consequence of this upbringing, however, was that I began to associate love with the performance of these virtues. Essentially, love was contractual — quid pro quo. As I began building relationships outside of the nuclear family, I found I could agree to the terms of this contract for six months or so. At that point, everything I’d been hiding and suppressing would begin trickling up from my subconscious, making me hip to the coming flood. Rather than be exposed and rejected for who I truly was, I’d leave first, and the other party was often left reeling in the wake of such a swift and baffling decision.

At a certain point, it occurred to me that the price of love was too great: I simply had to give up too much of myself in order to be accepted. Eventually, I stopped giving love away, and when it was offered to me, I turned it down more often than not. I fortified my dam and kept my true self from view. Unbeknownst to me, my fear of love began eating me from the inside out, killing my capacity for pleasure and disconnecting me from everything that was truly important.

One warm, sunny day last August, I was sitting in a park watching my daughter play. It had recently been announced that she still wouldn’t be returning to school, and I was trying to wrap my head around the logistics of balancing virtual learning and work and a happy home environment. I decided to give up my musing and allowed myself to be lulled into quietude by the dulcet tones of Alan Watts. Masked children were buzzing around me like happy bees, and I felt my ego melt away to make room for a deeper, broader, wider consciousness to enter. Suddenly, my dam cracked open: the torrent of who I was came rushing forth, and the universe held space for it. I felt held and accepted and loved and in divine union with everything around me.

I now know the meaning of the phrase “watershed moment”: there is a dividing line between what came before that late summer day in the park and what’s come ever since. And I think it happened because I’d spent so long in the desert of love that I no longer knew “Myself”. Really, there was nothing left to protect, and so love was no longer a danger. And every experience since then (some gentle and expansive, others frightening and challenging) has been a lesson in the art of receiving.

When we release our fears around worthiness and acceptance, we’re welcomed by an endless bounty of goodwill that perpetually gives and asks nothing in return. In order to receive unconditional love, we must stop questioning whether or not we or others deserve it. We must know in our bones that it is ours whenever we choose to let it in. It is ours to give and receive when we’re able to say “I’m enough.”

xoxo Jessi

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The Sacred Art of Play (Hint: It’s Not Just for Children)

When I hear the word “play,” I imagine myself wandering the path of a woodland trail and breaking out into a spontaneous run. I see myself writing lines of poetry and chanting “Om So Hum” in the morning as the sun rises. I feel myself casting spells, taking leaps into the unknown, trusting the process, and sharing my true self with the world.

Play is the sacred act of discovery and enjoyment. It is the moment where “must” and “should” takes a backseat to curiosity and desire. It’s the moment where we gently surrender our pressures and cares and let ourselves show up just as we are, eager and open. It’s where we attune ourselves to the rhythm of the universe and let whatever wants to come, come.

Play is the domain of Mind Witches at peace. It is where they retreat when their role as a mechanism in the great machine becomes too much, and they wish instead to be a radiating wave in the organism of the universe. Play is more a state of mind than it is an activity—it’s not what we do, but the spirit in which we do it that matters.

When I come to my work in the spirit of play, it feels like an adventure. My genius courses through me and emerges through my fingertips like the genius of the river flows. It doesn’t feel effortless, but it does feel as if there’s very little resistance—I’m in a state of complete and total agreement with what I’m doing, so the energy I’m expending is all flowing in the same direction. I’m not trying to control what comes; I’m just letting it come and infusing it with my own special flare and detail.

How do I know that I’m doing something in the spirit of play? It’s fun! If I’m not having fun, I’m not playing–I’m approaching things from a space of “must” and “should,” and not from a space of curiosity and desire.

When we’re playing, we feel light and free. We’re filled with zeal and joy. We slip into the rhythm of the universe around us, and we feel like we’re a part of our surroundings, and not separate from them. The spirit of play is available to us at all times and in everything we do. It may not feel this way precisely because we take our lives (and ourselves) so seriously. We form attachments to the outcomes of our efforts. We blame ourselves for not being whatever we wish we were. We worry about the future. We cling to the past. We let fear creep in and high-jack our consciousness. We chastise ourselves for not being productive or accomplished (as if productivity and accomplishment were the point of being alive). We constantly forget that the moment is all that we have, and in forgetting this, we fail to enjoy it.

It’s time to make time for play, Mind Witch Mama. Play is not a luxury—it is a birthright. It is essential. It is the source of beauty, grace, and joy.

xoxo Mind Witch Mama

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What is Magick? Aleister Crowley, Dion Fortune, Christopher Penzcak, and Mind Witch Mama Weigh In

Either directly or indirectly, I’m pretty much talking about magick all the time.

What can I say — it’s the paradigm through which I view the world. The big bang? Magick. Falling in love? Magick. The dissolution of all foundations paving the way for change? Magick in action, baby.

There’s something comforting about seeing the world through a magickal lens. If nothing else, it helps me champion the notion that I’m not a helpless pawn in the ever-unfolding chess game of intelligent design. Rather, I am my own player in a sea of players, and as such, I am an active agent in the creative dance of the universe.

In trying times, we often find comfort in narratives, be they the myths of cultures past or the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and the world we inhabit as the present plays itself out. I started playing with magick during a very challenging time, and in many ways, it helped me rekindle the fire of my genius. My magickal story is one of personal triumph, and as long as it is, I’ll keep telling it to myself to guide my soul through the darker tunnels of its experience.

But what is magick really? How can you define something that you cannot see, smell, taste, or touch? Throughout history (well, since the late 1800’s, at least), a slew of magickal practitioners have offered their own definitions. The first comes from Aleister Crowley, leader of the famous (or infamous depending on who you’re speaking with) Golden Dawn:

MAGICK IS The Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.

In other words, magick is what you do to make things how you want them to be. Not bad, and it certainly works for a heck of a lot of people who cast spells.

The second definition comes from Dion Fortune, a rather badass occultist who was largely active in the 1940’s. I like that her definition focuses on shifts in consciousness and places the “art” of magick at the forefront — I myself am a much more intuitive rather than formulaic practitioner, so it jibes:

Magick is the art of causing changes in consciousness in conformity with will.

Christoper Penczak is a witch that’s currently active and has written quite a few books on the subject of magick. He reclaims Crowley’s centering of science and combines it with Fortune’s focus on consciousness to arrive at the following definition:

Magick is a system or technology that allows us to change our consciousness, and through that consciousness, effect tangible change in our own lives.

Now, I recognize the hubris of placing myself beside such elevated company, but as a practicing witch who’s been working with magic for eight years, why wouldn’t I offer my own fledging definition? After all, I’m the voice behind these words, and I’ve learned a thing or two along the way:

Magick is an awareness of unified consciousness, and the power and harmony that organically arises through the continued practice of unifying with that consciousness.

The more I practice magick, the less I feel that my ego’s “will” has anything to do with it. I often receive what I casually ask for speedily and miraculously only if my desire is pure and I’m not overly attached to receiving it (you can read about a few of these miraculous events here). Once I try to impose my will on the universe, things become heavy and hard and ever outside of my reach. Once I just say, “Screw it — all I really want is happiness, love, creativity, and ease,” it all starts falling into place.

I’m aware that this sounds a lot like the law of attraction, and who knows — maybe it is. I’m still over here casting spells, spending time at my altar, chatting with deities, and pulling tarot cards for guidance. Maybe all of that “witch” stuff is what happens after I’ve surrendered to the flow of life, connected to the cosmos in deep and meaningful ways, and let my genius rise up and take the helm. All I know is that the more I trust in my creativity, listen to my heart, and challenge myself to believe, the closer I get to having a really awesome life.

xoxo Mind Witch Mama

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“The Earthing Movie” + Gaia Consciousness

I’ve been walking the Earth in my bare feet.

Every morning (or afternoon, as the day dictates), I strap on my crossbody bag, slip on my thong sandals, bound down my steps and make my way to the beloved cemetery/arboretum/community garden in my neighborhood. Years of daily running and walking have created a natural path around the periphery of its fifty acres, and once I reach the path’s mouth I slip off my sandals, clip them to my bag, and bare my soles to the dew-drenched ground. 

It feels just as delicious as you think it does, Beauty. 

I started this practice after watching “The Earthing Movie,” a documentary that explores how the simple act of digging your toes into the grass (or sand, or dirt) can potentially alleviate inflammation and the symptoms it causes.  

It makes intuitive sense to me that we need the Earth in this fundamental way.  We “grew up” and evolved in her embrace. Until very recently, we slept and worked and played on her surface. As much as we try to forget, we rely on her for everything. It’s through her grace that we’re even here at all. 

A week before I stumbled across the documentary, my family and I spent a few days at an organic farm in Raleigh. We fed chickens and pigs. We creek-stomped, searching for butterflies and crayfish. We pet pigs and rode the pendulum of tree swings. And we put our bare feet on the Earth because it was the most natural thing to do. 

I’ve lived in the city for sixteen years. Looking back, very little of the time I’ve spent here has been shoeless; after all, you never know when you’re going to stumble on a scattered collection of broken glass, rusty screws, or a rust-eaten aluminum can. This ever-present human trash blanket keeps you on your toes and keeps those toes in your shoes. It never occurred to me that I was denying myself a natural healing practice, and even worse, that I was denying my daughter the same (she walks barefoot with me too). 

There was no buy-in for this, no psychological, financial, or emotional risk. So, I decided to go for it. I haven’t been “tracking my progress” or trying to measure an improvement in my feelings. If I’m being perfectly honest, I’m getting a little tired of thinking about myself. But I can tell you this: two days ago, I was sitting in the shade of my daughter’s favorite tree, peering at the recently renovated carriage house of the eighteenth-century mansion nestled at the back of the cemetery. There’s an alpine tree that grows beside the house and that extends its trunk and branches far higher than its roof. I love looking at its silhouette, so beautifully outlined by blue sky and whirling tendrils of ivory clouds, and I was doing just this when it occurred to me that I felt in perfect harmony with my environment. 

Suddenly, my mind received the bird’s chirping–what a gorgeous cacophony. I saw each bee buzzing around each flower. I felt the wind rolling across my cheeks and the warm heat of the sun soaking into the few toes that had inched their way beyond the protection of the shade. And a feeling of infinite abundance and benevolence washed over me, and I felt Gaia’s primal love. 

It was pure magick, Beauty. 

I spoke to this experience earlier this year during Venus Vibes month in the Mind Witch Coven, and it aligns so closely and beautifully with what I’m sharing here that I decided to share it with everyone. What better way to reaffirm my place in the cosmos than through sharing myself with it?

So Much Love, and go Take a Walk on Gaia, Beauty!

xoxo Mind Witch Mama

Explore the intersection of magick + mind through these FREE downloadable journal questions. If you’re ready to bravely tackle life’s big questions, this collection is for you!