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This reading is for the self-starters, the go-getters, the girlbosses and the girlboss (or manboss) wannabes. This is the reading I give myself when I’m having a bit of a biz pity-party and I needed some tough-loving guidance to jolt me out of it.

In this reading, we’ll explore…

1. Limiting Beliefs
2. Strengths
3. Weaknesses
4. What Needs Channeling
5. Actionable Advice
6. How to Connect

What You’re Getting:

A 1000 word interpretation in PDF format.

A HD pic of your six-card spread.

A journal prompt to promote further reflection.

Crystals and incense present to enhance your reading.

Let’s get your biz back on track!

Please include a brief paragraph explaining the obstacles that you’re facing and the focal points that you’d like the reading to following your purchase. This allows me to provide a reading that is tailored to your personal needs and concerns. Thank you for choosing me as your reader.