Astral Tripping Reading


I’m an astral traveller, folks, and I want to trip on the astral for you.

This reading is pure magick and imagination. I slip into alpha and tap into the collective unconscious with the express purpose of unearthing the symbolic messages that are meant for you. You are the traveler in my waking vision, and what you see, do, and encounter on your trip are the bones of this reading.

First, I tell you the story of your trip from beginning to end. I try to be as descriptive as possible and include as many symbols as possible.

Next, I interpret your trip according to Jungian philosophy and the common associations attributed to the symbols that appear. I also incorporate intuitive interpretations. I provide actionable advice as it relates to this interpretation, and I make sure to weave my words with the question or information you provide.

If anything needs to be fleshed out or clarified, I pull some cards and relate them to the interpretation. I do all of this in one continuous time block from beginning to end.

These readings produce some pretty wild results and some wildly intense messages. If you like your guidance served with a heavy helping of mystical, this is the reading for you.

What You’re Getting

∇ A 1,000 word pdf reading/interpretation

∇ An HD photo of your spread (if your reading includes tarot)

∇ Details on the deck, incense, and crystals used in your reading

What I Need From You

∇ Details on what you’d like your reading to address or focus on

Please send a paragraph or two including the above information  to following your purchase. This allows me to provide a reading that is tailored to your personal needs and concerns, and to do so as quickly as I can! Much love, and I look forward to working with you!

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Astral Tripping Email Reading (1000 words)

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