When I first set out on the path of witchcraft, I was lost, detached, and desperate for a sense of empowerment and connection.

I’d changed jobs, moved house, gotten married, and had a child within the span of a year, and I barely knew who I was anymore. I could no longer go through the motions and pretend that the life I was living was even close to what I’d hoped and desired for myself, and the constant nagging in the back of my brain to reclaim my joy and sense of identity simply wouldn’t abate.

In a moment of deep need and hopelessness, I placed a decade and a half of atheism on the shelf and made a plea to whomever might be listening in the cosmic expanse. I miss writing. I miss thinking. I miss creating. I want to be the vehicle for these things and so much more. Please–tell me what to do.

A voice or a thought or a dream crept out of the ether and simply said, cast a spell. Silently and humbly, I said yes.

I began by walking over to my computer and searching the word “spell.” I chose one that matched my intention and ransacked my cabinets for herbs and my craft drawers for bits and bobs. Within a week, I was kneeling before a makeshift altar, lighting candles, casting a circle, and speaking my intentions to goddess and the universe.

My first spell was awkward and shaky, but it planted a seed that would blossom into the enriching and fulfilling practice I have today. I committed myself to a magickal life right then and there, and I truly haven’t look back since.

I share this because I want you to know that you don’t have to settle. You don’t have to forget or ignore who you are because someone told you that “good” people don’t live for themselves. You don’t have to spend one more day wishing your life was different or telling yourself that what you want isn’t there for you. You can begin cultivating a magickal mindset right now, and if you need proof that it’s possible, look no further.

I write again. I think again. I run a business that helps others find direction and meaning. I love better, feel better, and live better, all because I practice magick, meditation, reflection, and ritual and show up for myself on a regular basis.

I have the self-belief, self-worth, and intention that I need to live passionately and resonantly, and I truly want the same for you.

It’s my mission to help you serve your personal genius through the tools of magick and ritual. To provide opportunities for you to learn, reflect, practice, and connect as you navigate your spiritual journey.

Most importantly, I want to support you as you embrace the vast realm of consciousness and use what you learn to co-create a powerful, meaningful experience for yourself and those around you. I’m not going to tell you it’ll be easy–my resources and services are meant to challenge you to face your fears, lean into resistance, and take uncomfortable risks.

What I can tell you is that if you accept the challenge and do the work, you’ll build the courage, resiliency, and belief you need to get out there and do what lights your soul on fire.

Each week, I create something new and exciting to support your spiritual journey. Whether it’s a video tutorial, a ritual, or a guided meditation, its purpose is to inform and to connect.

The best way you can benefit from these offerings is by signing up to receive Spell Bound Letters. Some of these offerings are free. Some of them are not. All of them will encourage you to show up for yourself and to live in creative and resonant ways.

Magick and spiritual practice have given me the life I’ve always wanted. I’m humbled and excited to share what I’ve learned so that you may have the life you’ve always wanted, too. Let’s take this magickal journey together!


“I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your courses! The tools and insight you provide give space for more individualized, transformative, and fun practices. I really recommend them!”

~Sparrow Harrington


“I have been a WISE ONES member for a year now. Jessi walks you through her thought process and shows you how she plans things out. I really get an incredible value out of it while supporting what she does!”

~Shannan McCleese