About Me

Hello, Beauty! I’m Jessi. I like wide-brimmed hats, thunderstorms, and clothing that billows when I walk. I live in a renovated Victorian house in the most verdant part of a big city with my yoga-teaching husband, my world-building daughter, and my fly-chasing cat.

I spend some of my time thinking and creating. I spend some of my time nurturing and maintaining. I spend some of my time meditating on benches in arboretums and cemeteries. I spend some of my time lounging and consuming. I spend some of my time loving and hurting and being afraid.

I’m 37 years old, and I’ve lived a textured life. That life includes international travel, deep trauma, a coveted scholarship, motherhood, six years in the restaurant industry, three years in education, six years in the spiritual guidance industry, 10 years of monogamous partnership, 13 house moves, and a LOT of tarot reading, journaling, and staring at the sky.

I’m here to love and create in the service of my Genius, and to inspire YOU to love and create in the service of your Genius, too. What is Genius? The uniquely divine aspect of you that’s open, inspired, loving, connected, and free. It’s who you are underneath layers of conditioning, persona, uncertainty, insecurity, and fear. It’s who you truly are, and it’s what you’re meant to offer this world.

My offerings help you peel back the layers and reveal your true source. They support you as you bring deeper awareness to the ways that you stifle and suppress your Genius as well as the ways that you channel and embody it. So much often stands in the way of our glorious becoming, but it doesn’t have to. I believe that each of us can grow closer and closer to a more enjoyable, exhilarating, inspired, connected expression of who we are, and I craft my offerings in reflection of that belief.

If you’re ready to stop making excuses and start living the inspired, connected life you’ve always wanted to live, I’m here to help you do it.






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