Everything is Okay, Beauty.

Everything is okay, Beauty.

Lay your troubles at the Universe’s feet—she will receive them.

Breathe long, deep breaths that grow larger than your body.

Release the fear that cannot change or control the vastness of your experience.

Your collapse won’t rebuild the Towers that have fallen, so stay strong.

It is radical to find joy in times like these. It is common to be consumed by rage.

Do what you can, and let it go. Create, and do not hate the destroyers (because they are you, too).

The World moves as she moves, and we are of her. We are nature, too.

Nature creates and destroys. It has always been so.

Bravery is choosing pain over rage. Bravery is choosing love over hate.

Bravery is finding forgiveness for those who’ve hurt us. Bravery is resisting revenge.

You deserve the lightness of forgiveness and the healing power of radical joy.

Don’t let fear and righteousness steal them from you.

You are worthy and you are loved.

No matter what you think or what you have done, you are perfect.

Love yourself for everything you are even when others cannot.

There is no shame in being who you are, in moving through this world as you do.

Trust in your Genius, and let her guide the way.

Don’t let feuding egos tempt you away from the creative divine within you.

You are blessed and you are beautiful. You are glorious in your dance of becoming.

Who you are—right now—is perfect.

You are loved, and you are love.

xoxo Jessi

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