How to Grow a Genius Garden: An Audio + Workbook Journey

There are many who’d recommend against doing what I’m about to do, but if I’ve learned anything in the past two years, it’s this: I’m better off trusting my Genius over a listicle of best practices any day. 

I want to give this to you. It’s an offering from my heart that I want to share with you now because I believe you can benefit from it. This is what’s most important to me, and I’m going to trust that.

Over the next three months, my gorgeous Patreon space is going to be the container for 🌿How to Grow a Genius Garden🌿, the brand new transformational journey I’ve been creating for you.

🌿How to Grow A Genius Garden🌿 is a healing, inspiring, transformative experience of authentic becoming that uses the analogy of planting a garden as its overarching structure. The journey unfolds through a series of videos, audio recordings, and hand-painted worksheets that I’ve lovingly crafted for you.

Originally, I was going to do what I usually do and offer it as a fully completed e-course through the Mind Witch Academy. Instead, I’m going to craft it piecemeal with deep intention, and dispense it throughout June, July, and August so that many more of you can have the opportunity to work with it. 

Here’s a complete outline of the 🌿How to Grow A Genius Garden🌿journey, and I’ll be sharing it with you in the exact order in which I’m presenting it here:

Introduction:  Welcome to How to Grow A Genius Garden

🌿What is a “Genius Garden?” (video or audio) 

🌿How the Genius Garden journey Unfolds (video or audio) 

🌿What to do When You Have Questions (text) 

Part One: Clear your Plot 

🌿Why “Clearing your Plot” is Important (video or audio) 

🌿Common “Weeds” in the Genius Garden, and How to Get Rid of Them (video or audio) 

🌿Why Taking a Digital Fast is the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make (video or audio) 

🌿”Digital Fast” Commitment (worksheet) 

Part Two: Enrich Your Soil

 🌿Why “Enriching Your Soil” is Important (video or audio) 

🌿How to Make Time for Doing What You Love (video or audio) 

🌿What a “Nutrient Poor” Genius Garden Looks Like (worksheet) 

🌿What a “Nutrient Rich” Genius Garden Looks Like (worksheet) 

🌿10 Nutrients to Add to Your Genius Garden (worksheet) 

🌿My Nutrient Rich Genius Garden (worksheet) 

Part Three: Plant Your Seeds

 🌿Why “Planting Seeds” is Important (video or audio) 

🌿How to Summon Seeds from the Heart (video or audio) 

🌿Seed Summoning Guided Meditation (audio) Seed Planting Ritual (worksheets + video) 

Part Four: Germinate

 🌿Why Germination is Important (video or audio) 

🌿How to Meditate: Tips from an Amateur (video or audio) 

🌿How to do Nothing: Tips from a Pro (video or audio) 

🌿10 Pointless Ways to Exist (worksheet) Tarot Spread to Support New Growth (worksheet) 

Part Five: Tend Your Garden

 🌿Why “Tending Your Garden” is Important (video or audio)

🌿Lattice: the Structure that Guides and Supports Your Growth  

🌿Sunlight: the Energy You Offer (video or audio) 

🌿Water: Bathing as Purification + Self-Care (video or audio) 

🌿Weeding + Adding Nutrients: The Process Continues (video or audio) 

🌿Genius Check-In: Am I Still in Alignment? (worksheet + journal questions) 

Part Six: Harvest

 🌿Ripening: Becoming a Pure Channel for Genius (video or audio) 

🌿Picking: Seeing Abundance and Possibility Everywhere (video or audio) 

🌿Cooking: Embracing Divine Creativity Everyday (video or audio) 

🌿Sharing: Living and Giving with an Open Heart (video or audio) 

Part Seven: Cut it Back

 🌿Genius Garden Journey: 10 Journal Prompts for Deeper Reflection 🌿Feedback: How Can I, Jessi, Grow and Nourish the Journey? 

From June through August, the price of 🌿How to Grow a Genius Garden🌿 will be $30. In September, the course will move from Patreon to the Academy, where its price will better reflect the work I’ve invested in it. This is an opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor and benefit from its wisdom no matter your financial situation. I honestly feel that it’s the most authentic, loving, supportive resource I’ve ever created for you, and I just really want to share it.

If you’re interested in joining us, today is the day to do it. In July, only the $15 and up tiers will be available to pledge, and in August, only the $30 tier will be available to pledge. The course will be $30 regardless of which month you decide to join, so you may as well give yourself as much time as you can to drink in the course!


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