Lessons from the Dark Goddess

My journey with the dark goddess began in the early days of my dabbling in witchcraft.

As a former English major, I was deeply drawn to the landscape of characters and archetypes, and I knew I’d have much to learn through working with them on the astral plane.

Accessing the astral was never very difficult for me. Daydreaming things as if they were real was my favorite pastime, and I’d been doing it for as long as I could remember. However, I’d always been the captain of my imaginings–I steered the ship wherever I wanted it to go, and I had full and total control over the journeys I took.

Once I began working with deity, however, things changed. I invited my unconscious to the party, and she had different plans than my conscious mind did.

My conscious mind had dedicated herself to Brigid–goddess of the forge, of poets, of abundance, of women and children. I danced with her on the astral; she behaved like a flower child in my mind’s eye, and we had great fun frolicking together. On one fated trip, however, she led me down a dark tunnel, right into the lair of the Morrigan. The energy there was markedly different, and I was forced to shift my focus from play towards healing.

That was nine years ago. Since then, my relationship with the dark goddess has shifted to include a new deity in the guise of Hekate. My understanding of who and what the dark goddess is has evolved considerably, and I feel that I’m closer than ever to understanding her truest essence, her purest form. In my latest video, I share this journey with you and reveal the wisdom the dark goddess has imparted to me in the decade I’ve been working with her. I hope you enjoy!

This month in the Mind Witch Coven, I’m also sharing the wisdom I’ve learned through working with three other deities: Brigid, Merlin, and Gaia. A video will be dedicated to each deity, and a collection of deity channeled messages and a tutorial for channeling deity through tarot cards will be offered as well. If you enjoyed this video, come hang out in the coven this April–it’s only $10 to join, and you can leave any time.

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I also have a brand new reading on offer, one that I’m really proud of an excited to share with you!

When it comes to setting intentions, I believe that it’s infinitely more important to unearth your soul’s deepest desire than it is to pinpoint the conditions you think will bring you happiness. It’s not about the car, the house, the relationship, or the vacation. Instead, it’s about the creative yearning of your genius, the connections your heart seeks to make, and the experiences that spark your curiosity and joy.

This reading is designed to both align you with your deepest, truest desire and provide the guidance and insight you need to invite it into your experience. If you’re looking to live more passionately, honestly, and authentically, this is the reading for you!


What is my soul’s deepest desire?

What stale beliefs obfuscate this desire?

What changes of mind or heart must I make to live this desire?

How might I invite feelings of compassion, trust, and worthiness into my heart?

What small adjustments must I make to create space for what I’m asking for?

What aligned action might I take to welcome the flowering of this desire into my life?


“Honestly – the reading wasn’t what I hoped it would be and not even necessarily what I wanted to hear – but damn, it was so, SO, SOOO what I needed. I want to express my gratitude to you for taking the time to provide this reading for me as I’ve felt such a shift in my thinking as a result and I have found a renewed sense of energy and focus. I know good things are to come!”

~ Rebecca Sellers, Client 

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