New Moon in Aries Tarot Reading: April 2022

Over a cup of coffee in the wee hours of this morning, I pulled some some tarot cards to ground and center us as we welcome the vibrant energy of the New Moon in Aries. Take a deep breath, find your center, and receive these insights with gentleness and openness–let the messages you need speak most clearly to you, Beauty!

Deck: Light Seers Tarot by Chris-Anne

The Seven of Pentacles

Before you plant seeds, you must loosen the soil so roots have room to grow. In the garden of your personal experience, you are the soil, and you must loosen yourself to make room for what wants to grow through you.

If you’re terrified, you’re densely packed and constricted. You may plant many seeds, but they’ll never fully take root and thrive. You may find success in sewing seeds that will take root anywhere, but eventually, the plant will take over your plot and you’ll have too much of one thing and not enough of everything else.

If you’re trusting, you’re loose and open. You move with great intention, so you never plant too many or too few seeds. You feel into your experience, so you intuitively know which seeds to plant to bring the highest yield. When summer comes, you make many meals with your bounty. You share what you have because you know you can always grow more.

Page of Wands

You’re feeling pulled towards a new adventure, creation, or connection. There are plenty of reasons to resist, and there always will be. Don’t burn the bloom of experience because it’s inconvenient or it doesn’t “make sense.” Let things unfold as they already are and see what happens.

As John Lennon so wisely said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Maybe it’s time to take this opportunity to go off script, especially if you know in your heart that it’s what you should be doing. Trust yourself enough to know that you won’t get too carried away, and let this feeling take you where it wants you to go.

Two of Cups

There are some relationships that are so powerful and supportive that they nurture our growth into stronger, wiser, kinder beings. The two of cups illustrates just this kind of relationship, and its appearance suggests that a bond like this is reaching out to you now.

It’s easy to focus on the flaws in others. It’s easy to identify the ways in which others fail us or fall short. It’s easy to blame others for the problems in our relationships, and to think that everyone but us is wrong.

I have a harsh truth that needs to be revealed, Beauty–if you experience constant conflict, tension, and struggle in most of your relationships, the problem is probably you.

This is a clarion call to put down your sword and lead with love. Stop quibbling over unimportant details and allowing your fragile ego to hijack your consciousness and snap at those you love most. Fulfilling relationships begin with you–challenge yourself to see the light in others and speak to that light when you’re with them.

So Much Love and Happy New Moon,


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