Spell to Banish Frustration + Anxiety

I woke up this morning at 4:37 AM, and I was up for the day.

This actually happens a lot. At some point during the pandemic, I challenged myself to be an uber-early riser so I could get work done before my daughter logged on to online school. Even though she’s back in the building, I’m still beating my alarm by two hours on the daily. I can’t say that I mind: hanging out at my altar space for an hour or more casting spells and chatting with deity and meditating and channeling messages from the cosmic divine is the bees knees.  

Earlier this week, I decided to turn my camera on my early morning altar lit up like a Christmas tree with four separate candle spells. I chatted about magic and other things and shared it with the Mind Witch Coven, and it felt really good to do.

Now, I’m doing it for you. This time I’m writing rather than speaking, because that’s what I’m called to do and I made a commitment to ride the wave of intuition that I have no intention of breaking.

I decided to begin my morning ritual with meditation. The astral popped up into my landscape, and I decided to yield to it. See, I’ve found that if I force meditation, it eludes me and agitates me. If the astral pops into my consciousness when I’m trying to meditate, I just roll with it, because I know that I’ll be able to meditate later (that’s a small example of what trusting the universe feels like).

Once on the astral, I found myself in the void. There I felt the presence of a three ring circus, but it never visually appeared. Instead, a deck of cards fanned itself in front of me, and a woman’s voice declared, “Welcome to the void. The void is a concept. It is a container that hasn’t been filled. It isn’t real, because there’s no such thing as nothing. It’s a concept, a useful illusion. The universe is a series of containers and what inhabit them, an infinite regression.”

She repeated this script over and over. I felt the comfort of knowing that nothing was as big an illusion as everything, and I was overcome with the understanding that I had the power and agency to choose my own illusion. 

I really felt oddly calm. The void has taunted me in the past, and it’s as if it has no power over me anymore. It’s true face has been revealed–it is a doorway to something else, always something else.

I drifted out of my astral trip and back into consensus reality, satisfied that the message I needed to hear had been received. 

Against my better judgement, I decided to check my email. My jaw dropped: a rather large yearly expense that I’d completely forgotten about had been automatically withdrawn from my account. I felt a the tide of anxiety and frustration begin rising inside of me, but thanks to my morning ritual practice, I was keenly aware of it.

I can choose my own illusion, I thought to myself.

 I decided right then and there to disarm my anxiety and frustration with a “counter spell”  in the form of an intentional incantation repeated over and over:

Mother may I have a windfall. To the highest good of myself and others, so it is.

I spoke this over and over in my mind, inviting it to drown out any opposing thoughts or sensations. Through casting this spell, I denied my consciousness room to ruminate in ways that would disempower me. In other words, I filled the void with a thought that clipped the wings of my anxiety. That thought became a spell affirmation that made me feel pretty darn good.

If you’re ever questioning why you should do magic or what this whole witchcraft thing is about, remind yourself that it’s a choice to fill the void with thoughts, visions, and emotions that support you rather than disempower you. All you have to do is formulate an intention that declares the opposite condition and speak it over and over until it drowns out your negative thoughts. You really can choose to strengthen your self-belief by speaking words that support it, and it’s one you can make–today.

May Your Mind Always Be Magickal,


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