Social Media Witchcraft: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly w/ Owlvine Green

This is probably the most important interview I’ve ever done, Beauty. What my guest and I have to say here is honest, vulnerable, and reflective of a larger conversation that’s taking place.

I guess there’s no polished, filtered, way to say it: those who use social media are more depressed, scattered, and insecure than those who don’t. Period.

It’s a truth I’ve been struggling to reconcile because I’m the owner of an internet business and I’m here to help you find connection, focus, and wellness. How can I reach out to you through social media when its effects directly counter the empowering shifts I’m trying to help you make? How can I maintain my integrity when one of the vehicles of my offerings actively breeds the very psychospiritual conditions I’m trying to help you heal from?

When Owlvine Green and I were deciding what to chat about, we discovered that this moral conflict was heavy on our hearts. We both started witching on the internet roughly five years ago, and we both found a modicum of success on Youtube and social media.  We’ve both fallen prey to the demands of the algorithm, compromised ourselves for the sake of engagement, and become so burnt out and disenchanted that we’ve taken long breaks from the internet–most likely to the detriment of our businesses.  

But we’ve both found ways to navigate this crazy internet witch world that are healthy, sustainable, and authentic. We’ve both emerged from the crushing demand of algorithm conformity to name and reclaim what we love most about this space: heartfelt sharing of wisdom and soul-resonant creativity. 

If you’ve ever felt the sting of toxic comparison, compromised yourself to please an algorithm, or come away from a social media binge wondering what the hell you’re doing with your life, watch this chat.

It will make you feel seen and it will give you hope, and we all need more of that <3

So Much Love,


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