Weird, Magical Things Are Happening to Me

This morning has been a crazy morning, Beauties, because magical miracles keep happening to me that I simply can’t explain: things I need are appearing out of nowhere, posts are randomly publishing themselves, and empty things are filling themselves up again. It’s like I’m a basic witch St. Brigid–whereas she spontaneously conjured milk and cheese, I’ve spontaneously conjured vape juice and sweet almond oil.

Allow me to elaborate.

So I’ve been working extra hard and achieving less results. There are plenty of law of attraction folks who would say “of course,” but let’s be honest–sometimes we need to put our nose to the grindstone and get things done even if the experience isn’t easy or effortless. Lately though, it’s felt like the more I think and plan and try, the less impactful the fruits of my efforts are. If you’ve ever experienced this, you know how frustrating it can be!

In a moment of quasi-despair yesterday afternoon, I decided to go “off plan” and completely overhaul my altar space. This is something that I do every solstice/exquinox (and something that I offered as one of the “7 Ways to Celebrate Ostara and the Spring Equinox” you can watch or read about), but this time I very consciously released everything I was stewing over and threw myself into the process fully and completely.

As often happens when I’ve shown up to sacred space with deep intention and awareness, I very much felt the presence of something gloriously otherworldly. I decided to go with it and cast three different spells: a flourishing spell, and ascension spell, and a self-sabotage banishment spell. I felt the power and purity of my intentions as I cast these spells, and that was all I needed–they were simple, efficient, and clear.

So I wake up this morning and check my Youtube, and I’m surprised to find that a video has randomly published itself. Like, I know in my bones that I scheduled it for Friday at 10AM. And yet, a little research showed that it had gone live today (Wednesday) at 1 AM. I reacted with a “That’s really weird,” but sometimes computers do weird things, so I kind of let it go.

I went over to my altar space for my morning meditation, and I decided that I wanted to do another little candle sigil spell with cinnamon paste (the video that published itself is actually about this, and you can watch it here if you’d like). I looked all over my altar, but I couldn’t find the carrier oil I used to make the cinnamon paste anywhere. I then recalled seeing it on a shelf in my kitchen, so I went down to see if it was there. It wasn’t. I shrugged, went back upstairs, and figured I’d just cast the spell differently.

Low and behold, there was the carrier oil center stage on my altar. Just THERE exactly where I needed it to be–not off to the side or under a book or tucked behind a door. I looked around the room to see if my kid was hiding somewhere, playing tricks on me. She wasn’t.

I was kind of amazed. Correction: I was completely and totally amazed. I thought, miracles are happening to me and I’m on definitely on board and I whipped up my spell just as I had intended.

Not ten minutes ago, I was working on the mind witch book proposal for which I have no deal yet and which I’m probably not supposed to talk about until then but I guess I’m going to anyway, puffing away on a vape.

Now, I quit vaping two years ago, but sometimes I vape recreationally for a week or two because I don’t really drink and a lifetime’s worth of stomach issues have severely limited my diet and I have no other vices to speak of. I’d been aware all morning that the vape was almost empty, and I was just kind of waiting for it to run out. I mindlessly picked it up between sentences, however, I realized that it was full. Like, topped up. Filled to the brim.

I just stared at it and laughed (mainly because my miracles are happening with a vape pen, but also because what the hell is actually going on). There was nothing left to do but place prayer hands to my third eye and thank the goddess for my blessings. She certainly works in mysterious ways!

Precipitating these miraculous events was my conscious release of effort and surrender to whatever outcome befell me. Precipitating these miraculous events was a full, total focus on crafting a portal to the divine through altar creation and simple, focused, sincere spells.

Take note: if you want miracles to happen, you have to completely surrender to outcomes and cast simple spells with focus and intention. That is all.

xoxo Jessi

P.S If you have any stories of weird, miraculous, magical happenings like this, share them below or send them to me at–let me know that they’re happening to you too!

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