The WAlking Witch is BAck!

On August 11, 2017, I pulled out my phone and recorded some thoughts about city witchery.

I’d just spent the past hour losing myself in angular architecture and pondering the wonders of magick, the marvels of modernity, how we’re all just living to learn and create, and how wonderful that is. I was deeply inspired by my experience, and I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings with you.

  That al fresco rambling was the first in a video series entitled “Walking Witch,” and I’m delighted to report that I’m reviving it for the sheer pleasure it brings me to pointlessly ramble for you!

This first installment is short and sweet, and it’s merely a taste of what’s to come. I personally miss the Youtube where folks just popped on and spoke from the whirling cauldron of their Genius, unedited and unfiltered. Help me bring it back by giving this one (which WON’T be picked up by the algorithm) a watch!

And Now for a VERY Important Announcement: The Mind Witch Academy Collection is open for enrollment!

I’m going to tell you why you should take advantage of this offer right now in the plainest terms:

1 ) This is the very best of everything I’ve created in the past five years. It took me hundreds of hours to make this collection, and it includes at least 50 videos and 300 workbook and planner pages you can watch and use right now.

2 ) It includes some seriously fun magick! You will learn how to craft an altar inspired by the archetype of the Hermit. You’ll be invited to deface cash in your quest to craft some seriously powerful money magick. You’ll take guided meditation journeys into you subconscious and alchemize your visions into intentions. You’ll perform a ritual to psychologically purge what’s tarnishing your shine, and you’ll channel the power of your poetic musings into potent spellcraft. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

3 ) This collection will evolve as the year goes on. More will be added, and more will be refined. If you get in on the ground floor, you’ll get much more for much less and I’m likely to reach out to you directly and give you some TLC. I want to serve your highest self through this collection, and I’m dedicated to making it the best it can be.

I know that there are a few of you who are really interested in making this collection yours, and today is the day to do it.

Enroll in the Mind Witch Academy Collection Today

If you have any questions that you’d like to ask me directly, feel free to reach out and email me at

So Much Love, and Happy Magick Making!

xoxo Jessi

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