How To Be true To Yourself

When you were born, you knew who you were and how to be true to yourself.

You wanted to learn. You wanted to know that the world was safe to explore, to inhabit. You wanted to discover who you were over and over with the support and guidance of those who loved you, and you wanted to bloom further into yourself each day. Essentially, you wanted to be true to yourself.

You were true to yourself because you trusted yourself. You didn’t question why you did what you did, you didn’t reject or deny any aspect of yourself, and you didn’t hold yourself back from feeling or being.  You just were. Ever so beautifully, ever so naturally.

You were so organically true to yourself because you were guided by the voice of your Genius–your visceral, soulful, and spiritual awareness of the divine within you and the path that lies before you.

Genius is one of the greatest gifts we receive–it’s the agency we’re given to create ourselves and our experience in the image of our purest desires. 

It’s the impulse that inspires us to create something new. It’s the force that sparks our curiosity and turns us on. It’s the barometer that attunes us to the weather of our soul, and it’s the inner compass that points the way even in times of darkness and confusion.

You harbor a unique Genius whose sole purpose is to help you live in ways that resonate deeply with your core being. And even if your connection with your Genius suffers from years of neglect and rejection, you can begin to reestablish and strengthen that connection today.

I offer this guide to help you grow your relationship with the intuitive voice of your soul so you can be true to yourself regardless of where you are on the journey. And it’s my sincere wish that these thoughts help you better trust the messages of your Genius so you can live in ways that are resonant and true to you.

be true to yourself


How Do You Know When You’re being true to yourself?

When you feel vibrant, tangible excitement for a new project or idea.

When the obstacles that stand between you and your goal are secondary to its pursuit.

When you feel a warm, gentle, enveloping love that spreads through your body and beyond.

When you feel a steady resolve to persevere even when the deck is stacked against you.

When things feel easy and effortless, like you’re meant to be doing them.

When an idea keeps popping up even after you’ve rejected or abandoned it.

When a notion seemingly manifests itself from thin air without cause or warning and your whole being responds with “yes”.

When hope is inextinguishable, and when your desire to do something is resurrected with full force and momentum. 

When you’re compelled to try something scary or challenging because you know it will help you grow and evolve.

When you fully and wholeheartedly love something.

When doing something makes you feel alive and free.

When doing something fills you with joy, purpose, and a sense of accomplishment.

How Can You Tell if You’re not being true to yourself?

When you do something because someone expects it of you, and not because you find it valuable.

When you feel unsettled or ill at ease.

When you feel that something’s “not quite right.”

When you feel like nothing you do will ever be good enough.

When you punish yourself for your perceived failures rather than learn from your mistakes.

When you speak unkind words to yourself about yourself.

When you make a laundry list of excuses to prevent you from doing what’s best for you.

When you consciously or subconsciously discourage someone from doing what’s best for them.

When another’s success makes you feel rotten or insecure.

When you’re jealous of someone/indulge in toxic comparison.

When you wish you were someone else.

When you deny yourself joy because you feel you don’t deserve it.

When you’re finding it difficult to express what you love about yourself.

When you have no idea where you’re going, who you are, or what you’re doing here (trust me-we’ve all been there).

If you’ve lost touch with your Genius, don’t worry–there are four roads you can follow to reconnect:

Give Yourself Permission to Fail

Love What You Make

Get Real With Yourself

Stop Making Excuses

be true to yourself

To travel down these roads, download the FREE e-book Be True to You: Reconnect With Genius and Return to Self

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