Spontaneous + Unconscious Magic: Three Stories

Eight years of practicing magick and mindfulness has taught me that you generally get what you want in three ways:

1) Create an intention, apply focus to it, and channel energy to bring it about.

2) Speak a desire so sincere and untainted by confusion that it’s promptly manifested.

3) Become so deeply aligned and connected with Mind that you’re carried to what you want before you even know you want it.

The first way describes the conscious, deliberate practice of magic. It’s how we “make things happen,” and it’s represented through spellcraft, sigil magic, affirmation, moon cycle manifestation, and basically any act of conscious creativity to which the creator is wholly dedicated.

The second way describes the spontaneous occurrence of magic. It’s how magic happens through us, and it’s represented through epiphany and a direct, clear verbalization of what’s wanted.

The third way describes the unconscious occurrence of magic. It’s how magic happens to us, and it’s represented through synchronicity, miracles, inspiration, and a deep and resonant connection with Mind.

The following anecdotes reflect the latter two ways and are taken directly from my own experience. Not all magic is done with candles and cauldrons–some spontaneously and unconsciously occurs when we least expect it.

Performing conscious candle magic at my altar circa 2018

Story One:

As I was rewatching Genius Garden Academy videos the other day, I came across a thumbnail that showed my altar illuminated by tea lights. I haven’t burned tea lights at my altar in months because of the waste they generate, but the picture made me long for them in the simplest way.

“I need some more candles in my sacred space,” I firmly declared to myself. I then went about my business, never giving it a second thought.

The next night, my husband attended a gathering at the yoga studio where he teaches. For unexplained reasons, they had a black out, and someone lit ten votives on a giant plate to light the way until the electricity returned. When the gathering was over, the facilitator asked if anyone wanted the candles. Knowing my affinity for candles, my husband said, “I’ll take them.”

Imagine my surprise when he came through the door with a giant tray of votives. Not only did the cosmos deliver what I asked for, but it offered me the solution to the “tea light waste” problem.

Behold the “Votive Candle Tray”

Story Two:

Like everyone else the in year 2020, I heavily embraced the “yoga pants and tee-shirt” uniform. A few weeks ago, I rediscovered my lifelong love of skirts and flowing fabrics, and said, “I really want some beautiful new clothes that make me feel powerful and gorgeous.”

The next day, I walked a few blocks to my local thrift store to see if I could find a dress in my size that fit the brief.

The wealth of high-quality, “hell yes” clothes I found that day was fortuitously rare. I mean, I found a $295 sustainably made shirt for $3.50I found a $150 silk dress for $2.50, and another $100 dress for $4.

All in mint condition. All in my size. It felt like they were actually placed there for me (I know how “woo” this sounds. Sometimes the woo is true, my dear).

Here’s me in a fantastic flouncy jumpsuit I found at the thrift store. I didn’t even mention this piece above, that’s how good my haul was.

Story Three:

In August of 2021, my family and I went camping at Watkin’s Glen State Park in the Finger Lakes region of New York. We’d already hiked the falls twice and weren’t planning on doing so again.

I was sitting in my camp chair, relaxing after an incredibly satisfying dinner when “I think I’m going to go for a hike” tumbled its way out of my mouth. Like, the thought and the pronouncement occurred simultaneously and as soon as it did, I stood up, clipped on my crossbody bag, and went forth.

I didn’t bring a map with me. I didn’t have a plan. I decided to hike where I was called to hike, and I discovered that the glen during magick hour was exceptionally beautiful. Most of the daytime crowds had gone, so it was relatively quiet.

Just as the sun had settled its way between the walls of the gorge, I came across what I now know to be rainbow falls. It looked like this:

Rainbow Falls, Watkins Glen, NY

The hiking path extends behind the waterfall, and I was inspired to follow it to the other side. I ended my hike on the stone bridge, and when I approached the waterfall from the other side, I saw a double rainbow refracted through the water.

Rainbow Falls from the Otherside

It turns out that my intuitive nature knew a sign was waiting for me beyond the threshold of this waterfall: synchronicity. At that moment, the symbolism of the rainbow had a deep and profound effect on me, and it led me to develop the persona that would help me harmonize my experience of consciousness.

Spontaneous and unconscious magick is something we can neither predict nor intend, but there are a few things we can do to invite it:

1) Find Clarity

2) Pay Attention

3) Follow Hunches

4) Be Flexible

These, my friends, are topics for another day. So much Love, and stay magickal!

Jessi Huntenburg is a philosopher, practitioner, and teacher of magick and spirituality. She believes that a deep understanding of consciousness unlocks the doors to connection and creativity, and that a consistent practice of mindfulness and magick is the key.

Through the Genius Garden Academy, she teaches magical theory and practice, ways of healing and creating with the moon phases, methods for using poetry as a tool for magical craft, how to cultivate a deeper relationship with self and cosmos, and much more.

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