Mabon Altar Tour + Autumn Invocation

The Autumnal Equinox has nearly arrived my dear, and you know what that means:

The Season of the Witch is upon us.

Every October, I completely witch out my Mind Witch Coven offerings to celebrate the return of the darkness. There are spells and rituals and witchy Q + A’s and magickal chatter, and it’s an awesome way to reconnect with craft after a hot, busy summer.

For three years running, I’ve crafted a Samhain altar tour as part of the Season of the Witch, but this year, I’m doing something a little different: a Mabon Altar Tour! I really wanted to welcome the fall in high fashion, so I revamped my sacred space, flipped on the camera, and made you a feast for your ears and your eyes.

A few years back, I wrote an invocation for autumn that I still use to welcome my favorite season. If you’re looking for a way to connect with the Sabbat, feel free to recite it in your own glorious sacred space!

Invocation of the Autumn

I welcome receptivity.

The ethereal.

The seen and unseen.

I open myself to the mystery beyond,

to what I can barely perceive at the edge of my senses,

but what I know in my heart exists.

I open myself to magic.

To what I can’t name or know.

To what moves within and without me and unites me to everything else that is.

I give myself permission to move in stillness.

I allow myself to wander the earth at a pace that agrees with me.

I feel no pressure from the powers that be to be anything other than what I am.

I move, and I am moved.

I feel the earth falling into stillness.

I see the leaves drifting, dying.

I watch the world turn from green to red to brown,

I listen to the growing silence, wild life turning in and I agree.

I honor the passing within me and without me.

I think on it so I will not be afraid.

I welcome the dark half of the year,

the deep reflection and wisdom.

I move with the world and it moves with me.

Much Love + Happy Mabon, Dear!

xoxo Jessi, the Mind Witch Mama

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