Poetry Spells for Witches and Mystics

Writing a poem is like taking a journey to the deepest, truest, most treasured parts of ourselves to unearth the power that resides there. When approached with sincerity, vulnerability, creativity, and intuition, a poem can become one the most powerful spells a witch ever casts!

When we cast a spell, we create change, access the divine, and connect with our inner genius. As it happens, we do the exact same thing when we write poetry! By simply changing your mindset and approach, you can become a badass, poetry-writing Mind Witch Mama today!

Poetry Magick is an act of Alchemical Transformation

When we write poems with all that we are, we are changed by them. The process itself illuminates hidden truths, unlocks buried emotions, and provides us with insight that shifts how we see ourselves and the universe. If you doubt this, I challenge you to write a poem the next time you’re feeling lost or confused. Just write the details of your confusion, and watch them bloom into clarity and insight.

Poetry Magick is Vehicle for Divine Connection

When we set the intention to write poetry, we invite the liminal world of symbols and mysteries into our psychospiritual space. We step outside of the lines and so step outside of the systems we normally operate in, and we access a voice and a source that’s much greater than ourselves. In this way, writing a poem is working with the power of the all.

Poetry Magick is a Channel for Our Genius

I believe that our personal genius is the very best part of ourself. It is creative, it is elevated, and its mission is to coax us into our most authentic expression.

Poems don’t lie, and neither does our genius. If you want to rediscover you talent, creativity, and joy, write a poem!

Poetry Spell Casting | Getting Started

The best thing you can do to coax a truly transformative poem from the ether is to get yourself in the right mindset. If you work with candle magick, perhaps you can create a designated “poetry candle” that you light before you write. Maybe you want to call in the muses to aid you. Perhaps it would help you to travel to a place that’s deeply moving and inspiring (like a favorite park bench or a special place in the woods) to get your juices flowing. You can even ask a goddess or guide to speak through you and lend their voice and wisdom to your work.

Happy Spell Casting, Beauty!

xoxo Jessi

Hello, Beauty! I’m Jessi.

I’m the mystical, zealous creatrix of Mind Witch Mama! For the past five years, I’ve been serving witches and mystics through one-on-one advising sessions, monthly ritual and spell tutorial offerings, and transformative e-course experiences.

My work is powered by the belief that mindfulness, ritual, magick, and spiritual exploration have the power to give us the lives we’ve always craved, and it is my mission to create and offer you the spiritual tools and resources you need to live a creative, peaceful, and fulfilling life.

The magickal + spiritual offerings of Mind Witch Mama are the culmination of a lifetime of seeking, healing, and exploration. If you’re looking to channel the glorious, powerful dynamo within, I’m ready to help you do it!

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