Want to Change Your Life? Answer these 3 Questions Every Morning

It may surprise you to know that I routinely use all of the goodies that I make for you!

Seriously, though–I print out my creations, stick them in my grimoire, and go hog wild on a regular basis. This month, for instance, I performed the Radical Rebirth Ritual at the same time I was offering it up to the Genius Garden members. The ritual prep section includes a worksheet that asks three simple questions:

1) How do I want to feel today? 

2) What do I need today?

3) What do I want today?

When taken at face value, there’s nothing particularly special about these questions. In fact, they may seem so commonplace that it’d be tempting to gloss over them completely.

Don’t gloss over them, Beauty. If you answer them every morning like the ritual prep suggests, they become the key element in a freaking transformative practice.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t anticipating them to be as impactful as they were. Like, I didn’t expect that they’d completely upend my yearly intentions, but they did.

Here were my answers on the first morning:

1) Confident in the work I do and the choices and decisions I make

2) A break

3) To feel vibrant, talented, and desirable

And the second morning:

1) Compassionate, clear, and calm

2) Tolerance and understanding

3) Confident in my value and my intrinsic self-worth

And the third:

1) Confident in my true self

2)To feel joy

3)To have fun

And the fourth:

1) Calm. Confident. Wise. Loving. Accepting.

2) Patience. A clear mind. Tolerance.

3) To be in harmony.

The word “confident” appears every single time, and I’ve not done any conscious work to support my confidence in the entirety of the seven years I’ve had a spiritual practice. I really had no idea that I need tolerance and understanding on a regular basis even thought that seems like a no-brainer. It was responding to these questions within the context of a single day–and not within the context of a lunar month or an astrological year–that made all the difference.

We often set intentions from the perspective of the person that we want to be. We immediately align with the Higher Self and channel our desires on its behalf. When we consider what we need on a particular day (with its very human demands, routines, and dynamics), however, we wake up to the simple shifts that our soul yearns to make. We realize that some small acts of magick can be very powerful indeed, and that sometimes all we need to do is tune in, be honest, and listen.

If you’re looking for a simple, transformative morning practice, consider answering these questions every day for a week. I promise you won’t regret it!

xoxo Jessi

2 thoughts on “Want to Change Your Life? Answer these 3 Questions Every Morning

  1. I actually have been doing this practice most days since March 25th, and every single day since April 20th (with one additional question* added at that point, which I felt was right for me to add) as a morning ritual and it has made such a difference! I’m starting to notice how it really does set a tone for how the day progresses and helps manifest better days, plus I’m more grounded and less detached from myself than I was before I started. So thank you so much for sharing this!

    *The question I added was: “What are 3 things, big or small, that I am grateful for right now?”

    1. I absolutely LOVE the last question you added! Gratitude is so important–if we can’t appreciate what we have, it doesn’t make much sense to ask for more, does it? I’m so happy that these questions have served you well, dear <3

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