Things to Do at Home

Things to Do at Home

Start writing your book.

Paint your emotions.

Craft spells for protection. For love. For inspiration.

Read your favorite poems aloud.

Make art with cast-off materials.

Meditate. Pray. Trip on the astral.

Listen to new music.

Play music. Sing.

Craft tarot spreads.

Blog your experience.

Cook a new dish.

Talk—to those beside you and to those a world away.





Consider your place in the world. Consider changes.

Let wisdom penetrate.

Offer support.

Give what you have without condition or expectation.

Be gracious. Be grateful. Be gentle.

Celebrate this moment—right here, right now.

Much Love,

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  1. Love this! I just shared with my audience as I know they will enjoy it as well! It’s time to look at the things NOT canceled in our lives and understand we have plenty to be grateful for and to keep us happy, healthy, and our minds active and not in a state of panic or worrying during this time!

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