Sunglasses for Psychic Protection

When I challenge myself to move through the world in bold and uncomfortable ways, I wear shades.

My sunglasses of choice are aviators. Their highly reflective surface means that others can’t see into “the windows to my soul” and use whatever they find there to exploit me. Likewise, the lenses block whatever BS others may care to send my way and as long as I have this barrier up, I’m cool.

I consider myself to be a highly empathic person–I absorb others’ emotions if I don’t have protective measures in place. Woo as it is, my lived experience tells me that my aviators create a necessary barrier that makes it easier for me to hold to the integrity of my own feelings and emotions when I’m out in public. This defense is especially handy when I’m taking a risk–I’m able to follow through because I’m not being halted or distracted by outside responses. When I’m wearing my shades, I’m much less likely to be influenced by the thoughts and opinions of others. 

Some other things I do to psychically protect myself: hang evil eyes in my altar space and at the entrance of my home to repel envious gazes, scatter pinecones throughout my apartment, block nasty folks from access to my online spaces, avoid situations that threaten my physical or mental safety, and create strong boundaries in my magick and my relationships.

Do you ever use sunglasses for psychic protection? What magick do you use to protect yourself? How do you insure that others’ crap doesn’t come between you and living your dreams? Comment below to let us know!

May Your Protective Work Be Strong, Beauties!

xoxo Jessi

4 Replies to “Sunglasses for Psychic Protection”

  1. Since I wear glasses, sunglasses aren’t really an option for me, except for ill-fitting clips to slide over my existing lenses. So instead, lipstick has become my barrier of choice. I know that sounds weird, but it actually works rather well for me! I do a final rubbing together of my lips then a light “smack” with them, and that’s me setting my shield. 🙂

  2. This post came at a great time for me. I recently had a falling out with a coworker I considered a friend and I felt very emotionally compromised. So the next day I put a lot of energy into protection magick; a psychic shield and a protective talisman, as well as calling on spirit guardians. All of these were ideas from a book I’ve been studying called The Inner Temple of Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak. It helped. I felt much better the next day when I had to work with her.

    I always have felt oddly more protected when wearing sunglasses. My anxiety decreases considerably when I wear them out. I definitely think I’ll be incorporating a pair of them into my psychic defense now. Thanks for the great idea.

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