This Month on Patreon | Ritual of the Flame

We all have a well of power deep within us, waiting to be discovered and channeled in the service of our heart’s truest desires.

Some us have a healthy, vibrant relationship with this power. Many more of us have a tentative relationship with this power, one that’s fraught with fear, insecurity, and uncertainty. After all, power corrupts, power manipulates, power spreads hate and power oppresses. Because of this, we assume that power is a force of pain and suffering in this world, so we should do our best to avoid it.

We sometimes forgets that power liberates, power loves, power creates, and power brings people together. Power helps us take charge and begin living more consciously. Power convinces us that we’re capable of rewriting shitty narratives and moving beyond patterns and behaviors that are self-defeating and self-sabotaging. Like most things, power takes the shape of the person who wields it, and I want to see more folks like you–the loving kind, the mindful kind, the intentional kind–wielding theirs.

I’ve created a sea of resources on Patreon this month to help you tap into the fiery, vibrant energy of your power so you can explore it, know it, access it, and wield it. This month’s ritual incorporates pranayama breath of fire and yoga to raise power. It also includes an exercise to help you identify your intrinsic powers, bring that power into the ritual, and craft a talisman to remind you of your powers consciously and consistently. You can also share your experiences in the WISE ONE group with like-minded spiritualists and practitioners. We’d love to have you share your journey with us!


Much Love and Much Power,


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