Rock Your Biz and Find Your Witch’s Way

It’s year ahead reading season, Beauties, and I couldn’t be more freakin’ excited!!!


I love throwing lavish spreads of many cards, spreads that are almost too big for a single frame to capture. I love diving into your hopes, dreams, and goals for the new year, and I love devoting extra time, energy, and care to the offerings I send you. I love sending along extra resources to help you engage more deeply and meaningfully with your readings, and I love speaking to the very things that are most important to you. But most of all, I love empowering you to take charge and get excited about what’s to come–let’s do this, Beauties!

I’m sending this missive now because the holidays are right around the corner and you’ll likely spend most of the month of December thinking about everyone but yourself. Christmas and Yule can be a time of major stress and burn-out, and I want to encourage you to do something for yourself before you collapse beneath the weight of familial responsibility. And if you’re the sort who has trouble spending money on yourself and giving yourself what you want and need, I want to encourage you to share these links with family members so they can gift you what you have trouble gifting yourself because you deserve it.

Now on to the good stuff…

I am so, SO excited to share two new power-packed offerings to help you usher in 2019: the Rock Your Biz Reading and the Witch’s Way Reading! These offerings are essentially the distilled and improved version of what I provide for myself each year, and as such, are designed to encourage soulful, dedicated, and intentioned exploration of your heart-centered business and your spiritual practice.

The Rock Your Biz Reading is for the metaphysical biz owner, the talented cardslinger, the spiritual co-creator, and the heart-centered entrepreneur. I choose a tarot card and oracle card for each month of a half-year or full year and, using some light astrology (lunar phases and Merc RX) help you get a handle on how the year will play out for your biz. Using the answers you provide through a questionnaire, I provide guidance and advice for the most opportune times to launch, brainstorm, develop content, go back to the drawing board, hone and develop skills, and reach out to your audience. With your reading you’ll receive the Rock Your Biz Workbook, a resource that includes planning worksheets and 37 questions designed to help you consider your biz and what it needs from all angles. Pre-order the Rock Your Biz Reading.

The Witch’s Way Reading is for the keen witch, magician, and metaphysician who wants to grow the scope and potency of their spiritual and magickal practice through 2019 and beyond. I pull a tarot card and an oracle card for each of twelve months to provide guidance and insight on spell craft, self-reflection, deity work, and ritual. These insights speak to the goals and intentions you have for your practice in the coming year, so they’re customized to your unique brand of spirituality. When you receive your reading, you’ll also receive New Moon Forecasts, a workbook that provides magickal horoscopes for each of the 13 new moons of 2019 along with 20+ journal prompts designed to help you explore these insights and energies in greater depth. Pre-order the Witch’s Way Reading.

For those of you who’d prefer a general overview of the energies you’ll encounter in the coming year, check out the 2019 Snapshot Reading–I’ll pull a tarot and oracle card for each of five lifestyle areas–business/career, love/relationships, family, self-love/self-care, spirituality, and health/wellness.

If you have a specific goal or two that you want to tackle with gusto and resolve, the Resolution Reading will help you shift your mindset and prepare for the challenges and obstacles you’ll meet along the way.

Let’s roll into 2019 in power!

Much Love,


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