A Prayer to Welcome the Dark Half of the Year


The Autumnal Equinox is fast upon us. The leaves are crisping, turning and floating to the ground. The wheel turns, and slows its pace.

Ever the introspective witch, I delight in the transition from summer to fall. I take pressure off of myself to be everywhere and to do everything. I savor, amble, step back. I allow myself to ponder the deeper questions that live at the root of my experience: who am I really? Am I being true to what I value? Do I love how I live and spend my time, and if I don’t, what needs to change?

Mabon is a celebration of the second harvest and a return to hearth and home. It’s a wonderful time to clear out physical and metaphorical closets, to shake loose the cobwebs and clear out what no longer serves. It’s a good time to take a critical look at how well (or poorly) your actions meet your intentions. And it’s a good time to go back to the drawing board if need be.

If summer is the season of fullness, ripeness, and embodiment, autumn is the season of airiness and ethereality. We’re invited to reflect on death and dying, on what must needs pass to make room for what’s coming. There is a gentleness, a quietude in the shedding of leaves, the dying of insects, the hibernation times. It as if nature gives us the permission to move at a humble, natural pace, one that’s in vibration with who we are. We welcome more stillness, more contemplation. And in this beautiful state of receptivity, our landscapes come alive. We see whispers of things that shouldn’t be. Even the skeptical among us recall what magic feels like.

I’ll never forget when a very practical friend declared “I don’t know–there’s something in the air in the fall.” And there is–mystery. Possibility. The promise of the existence of a world beyond the veil.

I myself have been invited back to the altar to think, to connect, to practice. And this invitation inspired this thought, this prayer. If it resonates, feel free to use it in your sacred space.

Prayer to Welcome the Dark Half of the Year

I welcome receptivity.
The ethereal.
The seen and unseen.
I open myself to the mystery beyond,
to what I can barely perceive at the edge of my senses, but what I know in my heart exists.
I open myself to magic. To what I can’t name or know.
To what moves within and without me and unites me
to everything else that is.

I give myself permission to move in stillness.
I allow myself to wander the earth at a pace that agrees with me.
I feel no pressure from the powers that be to be anything other
than what I am.
I move, and I am moved.

I feel the earth falling into stillness.
I see the leaves drifting, dying.
I watch the world turn from green to red to brown,
I listen to the growing silence, wild life turning in
and I agree. I honor the passing within me and without me.
I think on it so I will not be afraid.

I welcome the dark half of the year,
the deep reflection and wisdom.
I move with the world and it moves with me.

So Much Love,

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